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Eternal Silence - "Ancient Spirit" (lyric video)

Ο δίσκος των Eternal Silence "Timegate Anathema"
Eternal Silence: Ιταλικό συγκρότημα συμφωνικού metal, το οποίο δημιουργήθηκε πριν από δεκατρία χρόνια. Τρεις "ολοκληρωμένοι" δίσκοι και ισάριθμα EPs ο μέχρι τώρα απολογισμός τους. Το νέο πόνημα των Eternal Silence είναι full length album, τιτλοφορείται "Timegate Anathema" κι έχει προγραμματισθεί να κυκλοφορήσει στις αρχές του επόμενου μήνα...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Italian symphonic metallers Eternal Silence reveal the first single "Ancient Spirit" in support of their new album "Timegate Anathema", due out on October 8, 2021 via Rockshots Records.

The band comments about the song: "Born following an Enzo's idea, this is a song that joins together new influences and sounds. Heavy in contents and sounds, almost spiritual in the lyrics written by Alessio. The lake in the pantheistic form that assumes in the song, reveals its mystery and charm like if it was a sleeping God. Beneath the layer of forgetfullnes where it lays, hidden like a gem and silent, is an ideal companion, present in every day of our lives and keeps secrets and deep thruts in its depths, where few dare to look."

Italian symphonic metallers Eternal Silence will be releasing their new album "Timegate Anathema" on October 8, 2021 via Rockhots Records. Recorded at The Groove Factory (Udine, Italy) and Line/Out Studio (Milano, Italy) with mixing and mastering by Michele Guaitoli (Visions of Atlantis, Temperance, Kaledon), the full length will feature ten tracks of symphonic and power prog metal plus will see the band introduce new elements and experimentation into their sound.

The album goes from power metal songs like "The Way Of Time" and "My Soul Sad Until Death" to heavy and dark ones like "Rain and Red Death Masquerade", passing through the catchy melodies of tracks like "Glide In The Air" and acoustic moments on "Lonely and Firefly".

The main theme that inspired the record is the concept of time. “It has been a long time since our last full length was released, we took our time to make the best songs possible and then the pandemic broke in and forced us to stop and wait for the right time to publish it. But now everything is ready and we can't wait to finally share this with you all” adds the band.

Formed in Varese, Italy in 2008, Eternal Silence combines powerful guitar riffs, a thunderous rhythmic section, catchy melodies, and bombastic orchestral tracks with the support of two vocalists, Marika Vanni and guitarist Alberto Cassina sharing the front stage.

The band's current line-up is completed by Alessio Sessa (bass), Andrea Zannin (drums) and Enzo Criscuolo (guitarist). Since their formation, the band has unleashed three albums and two EPs. 2020's "Renegades" (EP), 2018's "Metamorphosis" (EP) and 2017's "Mastermind Tyranny" were released on Sliptrick Records, and their earlier full-lengths “Raw Poetry” (2013) and “Chasing Chimera” (2015) were released on Underground Symphony Records.

Over the years, the band has been a consistent touring presence in Europe, performing in Germany, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, and Hungary along with being support for bands such as Temperance, Therion, Haggard, Sound Storm, Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius) and Jani Liimatainen (Insomnium) Blackoustic.»

Band: Eternal Silence
Country of origin: Italy
Location: Varese, Lombardy
Formed in: 2008
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Years active: 2008-present

Lyric video: "Ancient Spirit"
Album: "Timegate Anathema"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 8th, 2021
Label: Rockshots Records
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. The Way of Time 06:59
02. Edge of the Dream 06:00
03. Ancient Spirit 05:31
04. Heart of Lead 05:41
05. Lonely 04:51
06. Glide In the Air 04:06
07. Rain 04:36
08. My Soul Sad Until Death 05:36
09. Firefly 02:15
10. Red Death Masquerade 04:51

Band members:
Alessio Sessa - Bass
Alberto Cassina - Guitars, Vocals
Marika Vanni - Vocals
Andrea Zannin - Drums
Enzo Criscuolo - Guitars

Miscellaneous staff:
Dis-Art Design - Artwork, Logo
Michele Guaitoli - Mixing, Mastering

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