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Villagers of Ioannina City - "Millennium Blues" (Acoustic Live)

Strange days are coming
Stand up straight my son
All streets are burning
Stand up straight my son

You have to remember
Life is just a ride
The voice that is inside you
That should be your guide

No fear, stand up straight my son...

Can you remember
Once you had a dream
All kids were shining
Dancing with relief

No thurst nor hunger
Touching the supreme
Dreams becoming real
As long as you believe

No fear, stand up straight my son...

We ain't going nowhere
We're gonna stand for what is right
Always together
Fighting for freedom to change our lives

We are the dreamers
We 're going to change the world
We are the ember
We are the light of the world

New day is coming...

Οι Villagers of Ioannina City αποδίδουν "ζωντανά" μία ακουστική εκδοχή του τραγουδιού "Millennium Blues" στο λαογραφικό χωριό Ακόντισμα. Το τραγούδι το γνωρίσαμε στον πλέον πρόσφατο δίσκο των V.I.C. "Age of Aquarius"...

Δελτίο τύπου: «A couple of weeks ago we've spent some time in Akontisma Village and played music there in a beautiful small theater. We filmed that evening jam and we want to share with you one video of the song "Millennium Blues" in an acoustic version. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did and it brings you some serenity. Stay strong brothers and sisters and see you all on the Revival Acoustic Tour 2021.»

Band: Villagers of Ioannina City
Country of origin: Greece
Location: Ioannina, Epirus
Formed in: 2007
Genre: Folk / Heavy Rock
Years active: 2007-present

Video: "Millennium Blues" (Acoustic Live)
Directed by: Alex Archodis
Edited by: Alex Archodis
Color graded by: Alex Archodis
Cinematography by: Alex Archodis, Prodromos Mistakidis
Production Assistant: Sofoklis Nikolis
Recorded by: Themistoklis Dimitrakopoulos, Mimis Konstantinidis
Mixed by: Asteris Partalios
Technical Assistant: Leonidas Skenteris
Lights: Nikos Kechagias

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