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Inner Axis - "Midnight Hunter" (full story video)

I’m the big bad wolf
And i’m coming to town.
Who is afraid when
I am stalking around?
Hunting for prey
And there is nothing to lose:
Going to eat you out
Or i‘ll go down on you...

In a low-lit bar
I am spotting the prize.
Paying your drinks
Is little sacrifice.
Your shyness melting
Under my charm:
Hush my darling -
I don’t mean no harm.

Driven by lust -
Let‘s roll in the dust
An amorous play -
And in lust we trust

I’m a
Midnight - midnight hunter...
Coming like a rolling thunder... ohohoho
Midnight - midnight hunter...
Carnal spell we have fallen under... ohohoho

I’m a big bad liar and i’m faking the truth
Just for a night you’ll be my fountain of youth
Hunting for prey and there is nothing to lose:
Going to eat you out or i‘ll go down on you...

Promise to be true - until death do us part
At the very moment i’m going to break your heart
Satisfy my needs at a spanking pace
Leaving you behind - and leaving no trace

In the midnight hour - the tool will swell
In the midnight hour - it makes you yell
Midnight - midnight...

Το single των Inner Axis "Midnight Hunter"
Inner Axis: συγκρότημα κλασικού heavy metal εκ' Γερμανίας. Δημιουργήθηκαν (ως Midgard) στα τέλη του προηγούμενου αιώνα και μετά από τρία demos, το 2008, μετονομάσθηκαν σε Inner Axis. Έχουν κυκλοφορήσει δύο δίσκους με πιο πρόσφατο το album "We Live by the Steel" που "βγήκε" προ τετραετίας. Εν έτει 2021 επιστρέφουν δισκογραφικά με singles. Το πρώτο ("Midnight Hunter") "βγήκε" στις αρχές Απριλίου. Το δεύτερο φέρει τον τίτλο "Steelbladed Avenger" και κυκλοφόρησε στα μέσα Μαΐου...

Δελτίο τύπου: «The Heavy Metal band Inner Axis started into spring 2021 with two brand new power-driven tracks, which were released each as a digital single and will now be released as a double-feature CD and 12” Vinyl-Maxi.

Both songs were produced in the PITCHBLACK STUDIOS and deliver a perfect genre-sound, noticeably enhanced by new band member and guitarist Nino Helfrich (also IRON ANGEL) and Annihilator bass player Rich Gray, who contributed his skills on the two tracks.

Also regarding the artwork the band does not make any compromise by hiring specialist Jan Yrlund, who also worked for Manowar, Apocalyptica, Battle Beast, Bon Jovi and Korpiklaani before. The first single is called “Midnight Hunter” and was released with an instrumental B-side on April, 9th together with a music video.

Some additional video specials were also released in the following days and weeks. “Midnight Hunter” demonstrates the band’s capabilities to create and perform powerful, epic as well as catchy songs in the spirit of classic 80s metal, which is also emphasized by the cover artwork design and visual presentation of the music video. In addition to this female bass player Melissa Cavo is featured on the performance shots of this video.

With the second single “Steelbladed Avenger”, released on Mai, 14th incl. an instrumental B-side, the band goes full throttle with another epic and catchy metal hymn. Even more developed in terms of sound and composition these two new singles set a new level in the bands musical career.

Regarding the music video they joined forces with director Alex Popov, who also was responsible for the specials effects of the Oscar-nominated movie TWO DISTANT STRANGERS as well as director Danny McBride (producer and writer for UNDERWORLD). The team produced a short movie FALLEN ANGEL, which was combined with Inner Axis’ performance shots creating the perfect “Steelbladed Avenger” music clip.

The movie and clip also features actress Ellen Hollmann (the Steelbladed Avenger), who recently finished her part in The Matrix 4 and worked on the projects Criminal Minds, Spartacus, CSI: Las Vegas, Scorpion King 4, Leathal Weapon: Series, NCIS: New Orleans before.

Additional performers include Steven Dunlevy (Mad Max: Fury Road, John Wick 2, Logan: the wolverine, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw), Scott Mcelroy (Resorvoir Dogs, Star Treck: Deep Space Nine, Underworld… stunts for Pulp Fiction) and Anthony De Longis (Master of the Universe, Star Treck Voyager, Highlander: Series, Batman Returns).

After the release of the two digital singles the limited digifile CD, incl. both tracks + instrumentals, will be available on August, 27th. The 12” vinyl maxi will hit the shops on the same day.»

Band: Inner Axis
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein
Formed in: 2008
Genre: Heavy Metal
Years active: 1999-2008 (as Midgard), 2008-present

Video: "Midnight Hunter"
Filmed by: Jörg Tochtenhagen, Jörg Scheuer
Filmed at: Die Pumpe, Kiel
Directed / Edited by: Jörg Tochtenhagen
Bass guitar performance by: Melissa Cavo
Photos by: Mareike Baag
Lights and show effects by: Michael Thies, Michalights Showtechnik
"Making of" filmed and photographed by: Denise Werner, Leslie Steinig and Inner Axis
Acting performances by: Anastasia Dolenga, Leslie Steinig, Nari Hahn, Lara Raffel, Julia Hass, Katharina Kaschner and Inner Axis

Album: "Midnight Hunter"
Type: Single
Release date: April 9th, 2021
Label: Fastball Music
Format: Digital

Band members:
Kai Hagemann - Vocals
Zacharias Drosos - Guitars
Nino Helfrich - Guitars
Thies Jacobsen - Drums

Bass guitar by: Rich Gray
Original Keyboards / Programming by: Kai Hagemann
Drums and Vocals recorded by: Timo Höcke at Pitchback North
Guitars recorded and edited by: Nino Helfrich at Phantom Flame Recordings
Bass guitar recorded by: Rich Gray at Gray Matter Audio
Additional guitars recorded by: Ali Orhan at Tonstudio SH
Mixed and mastered by: Aljoscha Sieg at Pitchback Studios
Postproduction by: David Beule at Pitchback Studios
Finalized by: Sebastian Monzel at Pitchback Studios
Cover artwork by: Jan Yrlund
Produced by: Zacharias Drosos
Gang-shouts by: Zacharias K. Drosos, Nino Helfrich, Thies Jacobsen, Timo Höcke, Zacharias V. Drosos, Peter Kröninger and Helge Paulsen

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