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Guy Mann-Dude: "Conformity (No, Not Me!)" (audio)

Refuse to conform
Never will I follow
Label me as a rebel

The inhuman race
And the rules I have to swallow
Must be the work'n of the devil

Fake them
Take them
Society whore

Rape them
Make them
Greedy wanting more

Fabricated mask and a hollowed out soul
Another bullshit artist climbing out of every hole

Make you believe he's the innocent guy
Then make you bleed and care less if you die
Conformity no! Not me! No!

Filled with this rage
The taste is turning sour
Our youth to them doesn't matter

Hell to the people
With their ego craving power
It's their own dreams they will shatter

Drill them
Kill them
Political war

Thirsty blood
Greedy wanting more

Scientist faced with racing past the moon
Button pushing morons that may end it all too soon

They're all convinced it must be this way
Even if tomorrow brings their dying day

Conformity no! Not me! No!

We scorn the system which is standing
Slowly the walls are tumbling down
The message sent to those commanding
Has finally spread from the underground

Refuse to conform
Never will I follow
Label me as a rebel

The inhuman race
And the rules I have to swallow
Must be the work'n of the devil

Fabricated mask and a hollowed out soul
Another bullshit artist climbing out of every hole

Conformity no! Not me! No!

(Rebellious blood, they'll never shape me)
(Rebellious blood, they'll never shape me)

Guy Mann-Dude: "Conformity (No, Not Me!)" (audio)
Ο Guy Shiffman είναι Αμερικανός μουσικός (κιθαρίστας και τραγουδιστής), ο οποίος έδρασε με το ψευδώνυμο Guy Mann-Dude στα τέλη της δεκαετίας του ογδόντα και στις αρχές της επομένης (90ς).

Το προσωπικό του σχήμα κυκλοφόρησε δύο δίσκους ("Sleight of Hand" 1989, "Mannic Distortion" 1991), ενώ "έβγαλε" κι ένα album σε συνεργασία με τους Τσέχους Miloš Dodo Doležal το 1994.

Ο δίσκος "Mannic Distortion" συμπληρώνει φέτος τριάντα έτη από την κυκλοφορία και η Heaven and Hell Records με αφορμή την επέτειο θα τον επανακυκλοφορήσει με τρία επιπλέον (bonus) τραγούδια...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Guy Mann-Dude (Guy Shiffman) is an American-born musician who was best known in the late 1980s and early 1990s after his eponymous band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1988.

A musician renaissance man of sorts, Shiffman began as a drummer and would find himself backing YES singer Jon Anderson on his 1982 ‘Animation Tour’. Although an accomplished drummer doing studio work and leading his bands, Shiffman turned to his first love - the guitar - and reinvented himself as Guy Mann-Dude.

Before going solo the guitarist served time in the Michael Angelo Band. In 1988 Mann-Dude would secure a deal with MCA for his first solo album titled “Sleight of Hand”. Bassist Barry Sparks (Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Mary Friedman) would be recruited for the album, along with late Along with late drummer David Eagle.

The following year on July 26, 1989 the instrumental shredding nightmare debut would be released. The album would garnish minimal attention, getting little to no support and push from the label. However, Mann-Dude’s reputation continued to grow.

In 1989, Mann-Dude would be part of the heavy metal supergroup The Dudes of Wrath along with Paul Stanley of KISS and Desmond Child, both on vocals, Vivian Campbell on guitar, Whitesnake's Rudy Sarzo on bass guitar, and Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee on drums.

The group was specially assembled to record a song called "Shocker" for the soundtrack of the Wes Craven film of the same name. That same year he would also lend his gunslinging talents to Robin Beck's hit album “Trouble or Nothin” as well as Alice Cooper’s “Trash” in 1989.

In 1991 it was time for a Guy Mann-Dude follow-up. However, this sophomore effort would see a slight change from the shredfest of the first album. Still, as a trio including Mann-Dude, Sparks and Eagle, they would self-release “Mannic Distortion” (often cited to be (Guy Mann-Dude's Mannic Distortion) under the name Metal Future Records.

This 10-song effort would see vocals added to most of the songs contributed by all three members. Only two of the tracks would be instrumentals. ‘Mannic Distortion’ would also delve headfirst into a Bay Area type thrash metal that could have easily rivaled any of its contemporaries at the time.

The album would receive another small release on Czechia label Poprun. Neither would get mass worldwide distribution causing the album to become rather rare in later years. Now for the 30th anniversary of its release, Heaven and Hell Records will be reissuing “Guy Mann-Dude's Mannic Distortion” a limited to 500 CD.

This release will be given the H&H Records treatment that the metal audience has come to expect; with remastered audio by Jamie King Audio, a nice booklet full of photos, complete lyrics and new updated artwork. Plus three additional never before released bonus tracks that were intended for the original release of “Mannic Distortion”.»

Band: Guy Mann-Dude
Country of origin: United States
Location: Los Angeles, California
Formed in: 1988
Genre: Power Metal

Audio: "Conformity (No, Not Me!)"
Album: "Mannic Distortion"
Type: Full length

Release date: 1991
Label: Metal Future Records
Format: CD

Re-release date: 2021
Label: Heaven and Hell Records
Format: CD (500 copies)

Track listing:
01. Hand in Hand (Death Walks With Life)
02. Against the Grain
03. Blue Liquid Eyes
04. Broke Dick Dog
05. Faces in the Dark
06. Conformity (No, Not Me!)
07. Enemy
08. Swath of Carnage
09. Let Me Out
10. Gilda
11. Man Overboard
12. Frighten By His Own Shadow
13. No Stone Unturned

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