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Sara Loera - "Rainbow in the Dark" (Dio cover)

Sara Loera - Rainbow in the Dark (Dio cover)
Sara Loera: τραγουδίστρια εξ' ΗΠΑ. Μεταξύ άλλων διατηρεί και κανάλι στο YouTube όπου κάνει (φωνητικές) διασκευές σε γνωστά τραγούδια. Μεταξύ αυτών και το θρυλικό κομμάτι του Dio, "Rainbow in the Dark", για το οποίο μας λέει ότι ήταν από τα πρώτα rock τραγούδια που είπε "ζωντανά" την εποχή που πήγαινε ακόμη σχολείο (Λύκειο)...

Sara Loera: «Hi friends! I've been hemming and hawing over what song to do for the past few weeks, I guess you could call it a creative block. Inspiration finally hit when this song came to me like a bolt of lightening one day, and I knew I had to record it.

Dio, one of the most beloved figures in rock, is unsurpassed in his power and grit. I tried to steal some of his chops here while still being myself. I was lucky enough to see Dio in concert at Irvine Meadows when that was still a thing.

Side note - this is one of the first rock songs ever I played live, just out of high school in my friends garage in Fullerton California!»

Bio: «Born in Anaheim, California, Sara showed talent in the world of music and dance at a young age. She played piano and flute as a child, and danced and sang throughout her youth, performing in musicals at Fullerton Junior College and dancing professionally in small productions around Los Angeles in her late teens.

Originally planning to be a theater major, Sara went through some personal struggles and decided instead to focus on academia, earning a B.A. in communication studies from Cal State Long Beach in 2007. However, Sara’s deep connection with music was not to be suppressed, as she found a passion for collecting rare 60’s vinyl, and worked as a DJ in some of the hippest clubs in L.A. for 3 years.

She was deeply inspired by the music of the 60’s, and played in popular garage rock bands around Southern California, until scoring her first professional singing gig in Asia. Sara toured around Asia for almost 2 years, gigging with different bands and soaking up the culture in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. When she came back to the States, her vocal chops were primed and ready for pro level action.

Sara has been working full time as a live and session singer ever since. In 2015, she was featured on a track by an Australian DJ that reached number 6 on the Billboard Dance Chart. She sings live at clubs in Orange County and L.A. every weekend and is in high demand as a session singer, working with epic greats such as David Foster.

Sara is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in voice, and hopes to teach in the music department at a university one day, so she can give back and inspire others about her favorite thing in the world - music!»

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  1. Έλιωσα στο γέλιο. Στη φωτό της ανάρτησης έχει πάρει πόζα 100% Dio.

    Στο θέμα τώρα... Minniva δεν είναι με τίποτα η τύπισσα!

    Minniva και ξερό ψωμί!


  2. Ωραίο το κορίτσι. Για την πόζα έχει 100% δίκιο ο Αιρεσιάρχης.


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