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Adramelch - "Wonderful Magician" (audio)

Το album των Adramelch "Lights from Oblivion"
I’d want to be forever
Like a shadow in a mirror
To get lost in a river
Across the lands of freedom

Wonderful magician
Give me just an illusion
With your divine fingers
Show your tricks for this season
Shine, please, one more time
Put to silence this whispers
Rock me with your rhymes
Till you make me dream

Waive your hands all over
Rise ‘em to the summit
Teach me all you know, brother
‘Cause my heart is fading

You wonderful wizard
Give me one more illusion
With your divine power

Play your show for a season
Shine another day
For my greatest desire
Drive me on your way
Till the center of fire

Πριν από εννέα χρόνια κυκλοφόρησε ο τρίτος δίσκος των Adramelch υπό τον τίτλο "Lights from Oblivion". Πιθανά ο κορυφαίος επικολυρικός metal δίσκος της περασμένης δεκαετίας. Η Ιταλική μπάντα διαλύθηκε προ εξαετίας (2015) έχοντας αφήσει παρακαταθήκη μόλις τέσσερα album, αλλά είναι όλα αριστουργήματα. Μία (ακόμη) επιβεβαίωση ότι η ποιότητα και η ποσότητα είναι μεγέθη αντιστρόφως ανάλογα...

Band: Adramelch
Country of origin: Italy
Location: Milan, Lombardy
Status: Split-up
Formed in: 1986
Genre: Epic Power / Progressive Metal
Lyrical themes: Epic
Years active: 1986-1988, 2003-2015

Audio: "Wonderful Magician"
Album: "Lights from Oblivion"
Type: Full length

Release date: April 27th, 2012
Label: Pure Prog Records
Format: CD

Release date: July 20th, 2012
Label: Pure Prog Records
Format: 2 12" vinyls

Track listing:
01. Lights 4:12
02. Aelegia 4:48
03. Islands Of Madness 5:31
04. Truth Lies... 5:00
05. Wonderful Magician 5:53
06. Beyond A Lifetime 5:32
07. Tides Of My Soul 6:45
08. Chiaroscuro 4:01
09. King (Of The Rain Of Tomorrow) 4:54
10. Pain After Pain 5:35
11. We March, We Fail 6:53
12. Oblivion 2:53

Band members:
Sigfrido "Sig" Percich- Drums, Vocals (choirs)
Gianluca Corona - Guitars (electric, acoustic), Vocals (choirs)
Fabio Troiani- Guitars (lead)
Vittorio Ballerio - Vocals
Maurizio "Mau" Lietti - Bass

Guest/Session: Alex Mereu - Vocals (lead) (track 7)

Miscellaneous staff:
Daniele Mandelli - Recording, Engineering, Mixing
Alexander Lizzori - Recording, Engineering, Mixing
Mika Jussila - Mastering
Alberto Andreis - Artwork
Gualtiero Insalaco - Photography
Morena Bartucci - Photography
Fabio Troiani - Layout

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