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Sarissa - Preparing for battle: Macedonian army

No moonlight but shining night
Hearing howls prepared to fight
The wind that blows reminds last wars
Our songs regain the secret force.

Being soldier fourteen years
Are you ready, death appears
Nightmare's smile, danger's joy
Heaven Hell, search and destroy.

Proud - on the land we are marching
Proud - through the Time
Star - on our shields is shining
Sirius - the star of Life.

No way out, through the years
Till the end and without tears
Our King is wolf, at night he howls
Singing to us, immortal souls.

Proud - on the land we are marching
Proud - through the Time
Star - on our shields is shining
Sirius - the star of Life.

Το λογότυπο των Sarissa
Ένα ακόμη ηχητικό της σειράς "Preparing for battle" παρουσιάζουν οι Sarissa (παράλληλα με την προετοιμασία του νέου τους δίσκου). Αυτό της σημερινής ανάρτησης αφορά τον ύμνο "Macedonian army", τον οποίο πρωτακούσαμε στο "μυθικό" ομώνυμο ντεμπούτο τους που κυκλοφόρησε το μακρινό 1994, μία από τις κορυφές της Ελληνικής (κι όχι μόνο) σκηνής...

Sarissa: «We are working on the new material and have already finished 7 brand new songs. As pre-production goes on, we will upload the next weeks some songs (remakes and covers). With this cover version of this wonderful song we would like to pay tribute to Northwind, one of Greece's most legendary bands and mentors on our first steps. This session is titled "preparing for battle" so stay tuned!»

Band: Sarissa
Country of origin: Greece
Location: Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia
Formed in: 1985
Genre: Epic Metal
Lyrical themes: War, Ancient Greece
Years active: 1985-1995, 1999-2007, 2012-present

Video: "Macedonian army"
Left rhythm guitar & bass by: Jim Selalmazidis
Right rhythm guitar by: David Mano
Drums recorded by: Bill Kanakis (taken from the 2007 unreleased sessions)
Guitar solo by: Jim Tairidis (Jimmy Sinner)
Music by: J. Selalmazidis - A. Kazakis
Lyrics by: G. Chatzisimeonidis - E. Nemos
Mixed and mastered by: Jim Selalmazidis 2021
Video created by: Tassos Krokodilos
Video battle scenes taken from: "Total War™: ROME II gameplay sessions"

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