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Emerald Sabbath - "Highway to Madness" (Geoff Nicholls tribute)

Geoffrey James Nicholls
Προ τετραετίας (28 Ιανουαρίου 2017) απεβίωσε ο Geoffrey James Nicholls σε ηλικία 73 ετών. Μέλος των Black Sabbath και των Quartz μεταξύ άλλων. Ο πληκτράς - κιθαρίστας - τραγουδιστής πρωτοπαρουσιάσθηκε στο μουσικόφιλο κοινό μέσω των Quartz το δεύτερο μισό της δεκαετίας του εβδομήντα, αλλά πιο γνωστός έγινε ως (ανεπίσημο αρχικά) μέλος των Black Sabbath, με τους οποίους ηχογράφησε εννέα "στουντιακούς" δίσκους.

Ο τελευταίος χρονιά δίσκος στον οποίο συμμετείχε ήταν η δισκογραφική επιστροφή των Quartz μετά από 33 χρόνια ("Fear No Evil" 2016). Παρά την ασθένεια που τον ταλαιπωρούσε συνέχισε να συνθέτει μουσική. Ένα από αυτά ήταν και το τραγούδι "Highway to Madness", το οποίο δεν πρόλαβε να ολοκληρώσει.

Την δουλειά ανέλαβαν οι Emerald Sabbath. Πρόκειται για project που δημιούργησε ο Michael Suilleabhain Bundade το 2015 με τη συμμετοχή πολλών γνωστών μουσικών (μεταξύ αυτών και μελών των Black Sabbath)...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Even towards the bitter end, when Geoff was extremely ill and struggling, if Geoff felt well enough and able to he would go into his home studio and record songs and music. Highway to Madness was one of his favourites that he worked on together with a handful of others.

He told Malc, Mick and Dere... if you can use any of these ideas by developing and changing them then I'd rather not they just sit on the shelf unused after I'm gone. To that end Quartz have been working on the follow up studio to "Fear No Evil" which is nearing its completion.

The album will feature Geoff's lead vocals, guitars and keyboards on several tracks together with other vocalists and a very special guest appearance too. In the meantime Geoff's Fans Players are keeping Geoff's memory alive, and to the fore, with this brilliant cover version of this song. A fitting and just tribute to Geoff's life, song writing talent and musical contributions.»

Paulo Franzmann: «"Highway to Madness" is a Quartz song from 2017 and this version is my particular interpretation of madness and best way to say thank you to Geoff Nicholls.»

Band: Emerald Sabbath
Formed in: 2015
Genre: Tribute band
Years active: 2015-present

Video: "Highway to Madness"
Video Edition and Image Director: Juliano Backer
Artwork and Designer: Yahel Lara A.KA Drakar
Drum Recording: Jack Louis
Vocals Recording: Fabiano Medeiros
Historical Researcher: Thiago Reis
Technical Support and Editor: João Santos
Musical Pre-production: Marcos Janowitz
Video Editor: Pietro Janowtiz
Video Assistant and Support: Antonio Carrara
Video Production: Michel Marcon
Musical Conception and Production: Josh Hollar
Audio Editor and Director of Mastering and Mixing: Clayton Chiesa
Assistant Director: Tim Perry
Directed and produced by: Paulo Fanzmann
Released and created by: Michael Suilleabhain

Song's line-up:
Dani Locatelli - Vocals
Clayton Chiesa - Keyboards
Taciano Canassa - Lead Guitar
Landy Moon - Drums
Zebu Knight Rider - Guitars
Paulo Franzmann - Bass

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