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Diamond Head - "Am I Evil?" (video)

My mother was a witch
She was burned alive
Thankless little bitch
For the tears I cried
Take her down now
Don't wanna see her face
Blistered and burnt
Can't hide my disgrace

27 every one was nice
Gotta see them,
Make them pay the price
See their bodies out on the ice
Take my time

As I watched my Mother die
I lost my head
Revenge now I sought
To break with my bread
Takin' no chances
You come with me
I'll split you to the bone
Help set you free.

27 every one was nice, gotta see them,
Make them pay the price
See their bodies out on the ice, take my time

On with the action now, I'll strip your pride
I'll spread your blood around, I'll see you ride
Your face is scarred with steel, wounds deep and neat
Like a double dozen before you, smell so sweet.

27 every one was nice, gotta see them,
Make them pay the price
See their bodies out on the ice, take my time

Am I evil, yes I am
Am I evil, I am man

I'll make my residence, I'll watch your fire
You can come with me, sweet desire
My face is long forgotten, my face not my own
Sweet and timely whore, take me home

"Am I evil", ένα από τα εμβληματικότερα τραγούδια στα σκονισμένα κιτάπια της Heavy Metal μυθολογίας. Το πρωτοσυναντήσαμε στο ντεμπούτο των Diamond Head "Lightning to the Nations" (1980) και -επανεκτελεσμένο- δύο χρόνια αργότερα στον 2ο δίσκο των Diamond Head "Borrowed Time" (1982). Ηχογραφήθηκε το 1980. Στίχοι - μουσική Sean Harris και Brian Tatler.

Εν έτει 2020 γνωρίζει μία ακόμη επανεκτέλεση από τους Βρετανούς θρύλους λόγω της (επερχόμενης) κυκλοφορίας του δίσκου "Lightning to the Nations 2020". Πρόκειται για το ντεμπούτο των Diamond Head επανηχογραφημένο (με την τωρινή σύνθεση της μπάντας) και περιέχει τα επτά τραγούδια της αρχικής έκδοσης συν τέσσερις διασκευές σε μουσικά κομμάτια των Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Judas Priest και Metallica...

Δελτίο τύπου: «'Am I Evil?' is the second single from Lightning To The Nations 2020, set for release on November 27th 2020! Re-imagined, re-recorded and re-born, Diamond Head’s forthcoming 40-year celebration of their genre-defining debut album Lightning To The Nations is a scintillating shot of fresh metal energy.

Taking the material which helped spawn the ground-breaking New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), Diamond Head utilise all their skill, experience and revitalised energy to breathe so much new life into these freshly recorded takes that it feels like experiencing the earth shaking all over again.

The levels of fresh energy in these celebration sessions will blow doors and socks off all who hear them, and the potency of timeless riffage such as “It’s Electric” and “The Prince” literally scream at the listener. Founder member, lead guitarist / songsmith Brian Tatler and rhythm guitarist Andy Abberley give the guitars a new razor edge, Karl Wilcox on drums and Dean Ashton on bass are a buoyant bombastic platform, while vocalist Rasmus Bom Andersen brings a brilliant new take on the vocals.

Anderson also produced and mixed the album with a freshness and attack which will thrill fans old and new. As if that wasn’t enough, Diamond Head add four covers to the album, Judas Priest’s “Sinner”, Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”, Deep Purple’s “Rat Bat Blue” and a stunning take of Metallica’s “No Remorse”, which is a tribute’s tribute to the band who openly formed under enormous influence from Diamond Head, and covered several of the songs on Lightning To The Nations, decades ago.

Diamond Head’s debut was a classic once already; it is about to be a stone cold classic once more. Available as a CD Digipak, Double Black Vinyl Album housed in Gatefold and digital formats. Diamond Head are an English heavy metal band formed in 1976 in Stourbridge, England. The band is recognised as one of the leading members of the new wave of British heavy metal movement and is acknowledged by thrash metal bands such as Metallica and Megadeth as an important early influence. Diamond Head are: Brian Tatler (guitars), Rasmus Bom Andersen (vocals), Karl Wilcox (drums), Dean Ashton (bass), Abbz (guitars).»

Brian Tatler: «Am I Evil? Is one of the songs that Metallica covered. I got a call from Lars Ulrich on 20th September 1986 to say that Metallica were playing that evening as part of the Master of Puppets Tour, at the Birmingham Odeon which was the best venue in the Midlands to see bands.

Lars invited me along, so I caught the number 9 bus and picked up my backstage pass and was shown into Metallica’s dressing room. I was then introduced to James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Cliff Burton. Lars suggested that I get up and play ‘Am I Evil?’ on stage with them in the Encore, I of course agreed and after watching their amazing set for an hour I went backstage again where the guitar techs strapped James’s white Flying-V onto me.

Then Lars ran to the centre-vocal mike and introduced me as “the guy who wrote this next song!”. The five of us played ‘Am I Evil?’ up to the fast section then Metallica went into ‘Damage Inc.’ and I scarpered off stage. It was a brilliant experience! It's also been a really great experience to re-visit and re-record ‘Am I Evil?’ and the Lightning To The Nations album for 2020.» 

Band: Diamond Head
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Location: Stourbridge, England
Formed in: 1976
Genre: NWOBHM (early), Hard Rock (later)
Lyrical themes: Love, Society, Life
Years active: 1976-1985, 1991-1994, 2002-present

Video: "Am I Evil?"
Album: "Lightning to the Nations 2020"
Type: Full length

Release date: November 20th, 2020
Label: Silver Lining Music
Format: CD

Release date: November 27th, 2020
Label: Silver Lining Music
Format: 2 12" vinyls

Track listing:
01. Lightning to the Nations
02. The Prince
03. Sucking My Love
04. Am I Evil?
05. Sweet and Innocent
06. It's Electric
07. Helpless
08. No Remorse (Metallica cover)
09. Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)
10. Sinner (Judas Priest cover)
11. Rat Rat Blue (Deep Purple cover)

Band members:
Brian Tatler - Guitars (lead)
Karl Wilcox - Drums
Andy Abberley - Guitars (rhythm)
Rasmus Bom Andersen - Vocals, Orchestration, Guitars (additional)
Dean Ashton - Bass, Organ

Miscellaneous staff: Rasmus Bom Andersen - Producer, Mixing

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