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Macabre Omen - "Anamneses From The Past (Sirens Calling)"

There was once a Phoenix that fell from the sky
it landed in my hands and then it died.
I thought it could be saved that it would rise
and you still think this is the reason I had tears in my eyes.
I once knew a Phoenix that fell from the sky
and you still think you are not the reason I have tears in my eyes.

Rise! Rise! Phoenix...

As I ascend the mountain of Lyderhorn
no witches come to sight, they are always in my mind.
Cold summoned by the elements, the wind and the snow,
seems incomparable to the pain within my soul.

Now with my lyra in the right hand and the courage to descend
into the Kingdom of the Dead.
Tunes of sorrow will serenade,
necromantic desires shall resurrect.

Always look forward and never look back.
Always move forward and never, ever... turn back.

Φεύγεις το δείλι δίχως αντίο
Πικρό το χείλι έμεινε κρύο
Φεύγεις το δείλι και εγώ κοιτώ
Τ' άδειο καντήλι και αναπολώ

Τόσα και τόσα έχουμε ζήσει
Και τώρα πόσο μ’ έχεις λυπήσει
Ώρα καλή σου αγαπημένη
Να 'ναι η ψυχή σου γαληνεμένη

Anamneses from the Past, Sirens Calling.
The day my mind is free at last, it would be the death of me.

Anamneses from the Past, Sirens Calling.
Now that my mind is free at last, I will set my spirit free...

Anamneses from the Past, Sirens Calling.
Now my mind is free at last, it will be the end of “me”.

Anamneses from the Past, Sirens Calling.
The day my mind is free at last, it will be the end of “me”.

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel,
may the darkness be left behind for someone else to channel.
Erinyes may you rest your wings, there is no need for torment.
Seirines may your voices sing, I never want them to end.

What the mind can't unsee, will be washed away by the tides of time...

With the hope to see your figure,
hear your voice or stare at your eyes.
Deep inside I know that the departed,
from the dead will never rise.
And I thank the Gods that the departed,
from the dead can never rise.

Το ep των Macabre Omen "Anamneses"
Οι Macabre Omen δημιουργήθηκαν (από τον Αλέξανδρο Αντωνίου και τον Νίκο "Mournful") το 1994 στο νησί της Ρόδου. Το 1998 ο Αλέξανδρος μετανάστευσε στην Αγγλία μεταφέροντας μαζί του τους Macabre Omen ουσιαστικά ως one man band (πλην drummer).

Η μπάντα έχει κυκλοφορήσει τρία demos, επτά split και δύο ολοκληρωμένους δίσκους: "The Ancient Returns" (2005) και "Gods of War - At War" (2015). Ένα ep (γιατί χαρακτηρίζεται ep με επτά τραγούδια και -κοντά- 42 λεπτά διάρκειας δεν γνωρίζω) είναι η δισκογραφική τους πρόταση για το 2020.

Τιτλοφορείται "Anamneses" κι όπως μαρτυρά ο τίτλος του κάνει "βουτιά" στο παρελθόν (της μπάντας κι όχι μόνο). Στο εναρκτήριο τραγούδι "Anamneses From The Past (Sirens Calling)" (το οποίο "αγγίζει" 14 λεπτά) ακούμε στα δεύτερα φωνητικά τον Σάκη Τόλη των Rotting Christ, ενώ η απαγγελία έγινε από τον πατέρα του Αλέξανδρου, Αντώνη Αντωνίου (το 2005) που έγραψε και τους στίχους κι ο οποίος απεβίωσε το 2011...

Δελτίο τύπου: «"Anamneses" is a mini album filled with memories and recollections that were gathered over a period of 25 years since the band’s formation.

It showcases an exclusive new track, the first one since the release of the sophomore album "Gods of War - At War" in 2015, an epic long journey in search of the Sirens and the pursuit of a mean to "forget" and move forward.

The track "Anamneses from the Past (Sirens Calling)" essentially links Macabre Omen's Past with the Present and the Future and has managed along the way to capture the Sirens' Voices in their entirety for the first time ever.

To compliment this cathartic journey we decided to add as bonus all the old mid 90s material, remastered from original sources and where possible also remixed. Presented on noble digipack cd and limited black or cold blue vinyl formats, filled with liner notes and unseen photography and art. May past pains become future pleasures.»

Band: Macabre Omen
Country of origin: Greece
Formed in: 1994
Genre: Epic Pagan/Black Metal
Lyrical themes: War, Death, Hellenic Pride, Rhodian antiquity and lore
Years active: 1994-present

Lyric video: "Anamneses From The Past (Sirens Calling)"
Album: "Anamneses"
Type: EP
Release date: August 28th, 2020
Label: Ván Records
Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital

Tarck listing:
1. Anamneses from the Past (Sirens Calling) 13:49
2. Olympus, Mountain of the Ancient Gods 03:31
3. Cursed Aria 03:18
4. The Waltz of the Nereids, of the Dryads, of the Nymphs 06:08
5. The Past, is the Future, of the Present 06:35
6. Voor Donker Zullen We Heersen 02:42
7. We Won With War 05:20

Band members:
Alexandros - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
T.J.F. Vallely - Drums

Greg Chandler - Vocals (backing) (tracks 4, 7)
Antonis Antoniou (R.I.P. 2011) - Lyrics, Narration (track 1)
Sakis Tolis - Vocals (backing) (track 1)
Lindy Fay Hella - Vocals (Sirens) (track 5)

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