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John Petrucci - "Terminal Velocity" (video)

Τον δεύτερο προσωπικό του δίσκο, δεκαπέντε έτη μετά το album "Suspended Animation", θα κυκλοφορήσει ο John Petrucci. Φέρει τον τίτλο "Terminal Velocity" κι έχει προγραμματισθεί να κυκλοφορήσει στα τελειώματα του δευτέρου φθινοπωρινού μήνα.

Πρόκειται για την πρώτη συνεργασία του κιθαρίστα των Dream Theater με τον Mike Portnoy από την ημέρα που ο δεύτερος αποχώρησε από τους D.T. (το 2010). Το album είναι ορχηστρικό (instrumental) κι εκτός του Petrucci και του Portnoy βρίσκουμε και τον μπασίστα Dave LaRue (βλ. Flying Colours, Steve Morse Band, ex-Vinnie Moore κλπ)...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Terminal Velocity marks the first solo album by John Petrucci to be released in 15 years, as well as, his first through The Orchard Music on his Sound Mind Music record label. The artwork was created by Sean M. Smith at Echo Designlab (Stone Sour, Hollywood Undead, In This Moment). Terminal Velocity was written and produced by John Petrucci, recorded by James ‘Jimmy T’ Meslin and mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap (Judas Priest, Killswitch Engage, Arch Enemy).

The album sees the return of bassist Dave LaRue (Dixie Dregs, Flying Colors) who played on John’s debut solo album and subsequent G3 tours, as well as, an eagerly anticipated reunion with former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy (Transatlantic, Winery Dogs, Sons Of Apollo).

“It was awesome bringing Dave back to play bass on this album. He is just such a monster player who can handle anything you throw at him with tastefulness and unmatched musicality. His melodic approach to bass lines along with impeccable technique and groove for days really stands out on these tunes.”

Portnoy’s appearance on Terminal Velocity marks the first recording of the guitarist and his former bandmate in over a decade and the first since Portnoy left the band in 2010.

“Having Mike play drums on this record was really special for me and he did an absolutely incredible job navigating the various styles and technical challenges my music presented in the way that only he can do. It was very cathartic for the both of us, I think, to be playing music together again after all these years and it really felt great! Mike’s spirited, intuitive and energetic playing truly helped to elevate these new songs to a level that I couldn’t be happier with.”

In the beginning of March 2020 while the COVID-19 global pandemic was unrelentingly reeking it’s havoc on the world and especially NY, John started working on the music that would make up Terminal Velocity at the DT Headquarters on Long Island with engineer Jimmy T at the helm.

“All DT touring for the rest of the year was either being cancelled or postponed and even though I had already planned on starting the project this Spring, I suddenly found myself with many unanticipated months at home. Jimmy T and I would head into the DTHQ 5 days week for about 2 and a half months and, as I wrote and constructed the new tunes, he was right there capturing it all and turning it into a record. Initially, he programmed drums and we shared bass playing responsibilities just to get the ideas to a place where they sounded like completed and cohesive songs but we always anticipating that ‘work in progress’ drums and bass would eventually be replaced.”

The 9 songs on Terminal Velocity showcase John’s affinity for writing tightly-weaved guitar instrumental powerhouses that feature everything from monster riff breaks to passion-filled melodic themes worthy of film soundtracks, to all-out shred extravaganzas that leave the listener feeling like they just stepped off of a thrilling musical roller coaster ride.

“Much like the songs on my first solo album, Suspended Animation, I wanted the new tunes to really showcase what I’m all about as a player and to give an up-to-date depiction of where I am musically and how I like to express myself on the instrument. It’s about capturing the attitude of the performances and of course as always, very much about capturing the tone that I’ve worked so hard over the years to develop and refine.”

Although a few of the songs that make up Terminal Velocity were actually written quite a long time ago and even played live but never properly recorded, over half the album’s content is new music that John created while in the studio during the quarantine.

“I believe that making this record when I did really helped me to maintain a sense of stability and normalcy during such a crazy time in our history.” “It was encouraging for me and my family to embrace something so hopeful and positive as we faced a very uncertain future in the music industry and in the world and for that, I am truly grateful for having music be such a big part of my life.”»

Ο δίσκος του John Petrucci "Terminal Velocity"
Band: John Petrucci
Country of origin: United States
Location: Long Island, New York
Formed in: 2000
Genre: Progressive Metal, Shred
Lyrical themes: Instrumental
Years active: 2000-present

Video: "Terminal Velocity"
Album: "Terminal Velocity"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 30th, 2020
Label: Sound Mind
Format: CD, 2 12" vinyls, Digital

Track listing:
1. Terminal Velocity 06:24
2. The Oddfather 06:25
3. Happy Song 06:01
4. Gemini 06:05
5. Out of the Blue 05:46
6. Glassy-Eyed Zombies 05:55
7. The Way Things Fall 07:33
8. Snake in my Boot 04:04
9. Temple of Circadia 07:10

Band members:
John Petrucci - Guitars

Dave LaRue - Bass
Mike Portnoy - Drums

Miscellaneous staff:
Sean M. Smith - Artwork
James "Jimmy T" Meslin - Recording
Andy Sneap - Mixing

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