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Deceiver Of The Blind - "Labyrinth of Chaos and Order" (audio)

Το single των Deceiver Of The Blind "Labyrinth of Chaos and Order"
Mother do you remember
A child’s innocence?
My heart keeps on longing
The beauty of ignorance

Do you remember?
When you thought your baby had died?
These scars
Remind me that the past was real

Mother I’ve grown wise
Far beyond my years
But I’ve never felt so alone

Like a tight rope walker
At risk of self-destruction
Everyday lived is a battle won
But I feel any day
I could lose the inner war
And end it all
Burn it down
By my own hands
In the eye of the hurricane
Peace never lasts

I’m glad you never saw what’s behind
These sad, cold eyes
Just may shock you
Behind a masquerade
You will find genius
On the brink of insanity

Now my gifts have become my curse
I’ve seen the world for what it is really worth
It brings me to tears
To know how the story will end
How everything ends

Mother I wish I could tell you I were Ok
But how could you understand?
I’ll never forget
How you weren’t there
In my darkest hour
In my time of dire need
I cried for help, but your ears went deaf
Afterall, I understand
You couldn’t comprehend

Can’t find the final ember
So, I stumble into darkness

Can’t seem to find who my real friends are
Not a woman to love

Desire to speak makes me empty
I’m young yet I’m old
Like I don’t belong in this period of time

I’m lost in a Heaven
With my lips shut and sealed
So much love to give
But no one to give to
I can’t seem to trust others
So, I guard my heart around walls of stone

Loyalty has blinded me and betrayed me
And yet I’ve reached beyond
Stood beside by my virtues

Mother, I’m cold
This life has frozen my heart
And yet I don’t need drugs to warm me
My blessings have become my prison
And I their prisoner

Without an echo my voice is lost in time
How they’ll remember me
My legacy
My history
All concealed in plain sight

Naked I stand
Before the whole world
Without regret
Without a care of ridicule

And even though
I may look OK in the outside
I have to confess
Mother I confess to you!
I’m broken, I’m shattered!
I feel like a labyrinth of chaos!
Of chaos and order!

But the sacrifices you made for me
Carry me through the storm
And I will justify the pain
Carry, carry my cross
And wait for the final blow

You brought me
Into this world in your loving arms
But alone I know I will go out of it
And that’s OK, I accept what I am

The inner chaos makes me numb
But the blood of the struggle and crawling
Is enough to fill my heart

Mother I remember
Yes, I remember
Your love
The comfort
The strength and the safety
As a child that it once gave me
It still carries me through the hurricane

I still wish that heaven were real
Just in the way you used to describe it
Just so I could see you once again

Mother! I am all I have now!
I chose it my way
I will travel the world
Just like I always wanted
No, I won’t look back
Won’t look back
Won’t look back
Won’t become
What they want me to be

Mother I know I will be okay!
Please don’t worry about me

I will sail away
Through the 7 seas
See every wonder
Climb every mountain
Like I always wanted

I will take thousands of pictures
Like I used to do
And upon reaching
The highest mountain in Appenzell
I will finally close my eyes
Close my eyes
And finally rest
Until we meet again Mother

Well mom,
It’s a beautiful day to finally say goodbye
And I wish you were here to see it
Until we meet again mother

Band: Deceiver of the Blind
Country of origin: United States
Location: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Heavy Metal
Audio: "Labyrinth of Chaos and Order"

Ιδιαίτερη περίπτωση οι Deceiver Of The Blind. Ουσιαστικά δεν πρόκειται για συγκρότημα, αλλά για το προσωπικό σχήμα του William Michael Angelico που παίζει τα πάντα. Τον περασμένο Μάρτιο μας παρουσίασε έναν από τους καλύτερους δίσκους της φετινής χρόνιας, το εντυπωσιακό "Heaven's Vengeance Boils in My Heart Part. I". Η νέα του απόπειρα αφορά ένα τραγούδι δεκαπεντάλεπτης διάρκειας υπό τον τίτλο "Labyrinth of Chaos and Order", το οποίο το περιγράφει κάπως έτσι:

«First single of 23 year old me finally done!

➥ Duration = 15:25 (this time was an accident lol)
➥ Lyrics = 658 words
➥ 11 tempo changes
➥ 3 years of composing experience
➥ 3 years of music engineering practice
➥ 4 years of vocal practice
➥ 8 years of guitar practice

In standard DOTB progressive metal song format. From start to finish = took 25 days All tight up into 1 song... Now ask me if I can play the song... Oh no no big no no. The challenge with this song was. “can you write a song within a month from start to finish without using old instrumental ideas... and with transparent lyrics?”

If I do not make you feel what I have felt or still feel, then I have failed as an artist. “Rank asked why the artist so often avoids clinical neurosis when he is so much a candidate for it because of his vivid imagination, his openness to the finest and broadest aspects of experience, his isolation from the cultural world­ view that satisfies everyone else.

The answer is that he takes in the world, but instead of being oppressed by it he reworks it in his own personality and recreates it in the work of art. The neurotic is precisely the one who cannot create-the “artiste-manque,” as Rank so aptly called him.

We might say that both the artist and the neurotic bite off more than they can chew, but the artist spews it back out again and chews it over in an objectified way, as an ex­ternal, active, work project. The neurotic can’t marshal this creative response embodied in a specific work, and so he chokes on his introversions.

The artist has similar large-scale introversions, but he as material.” (Ernest Becker - The Denial of Death). If I can do it, so can you. No excuses, you have to start somewhere. But wait there’s more (with Billy Mays voice). For this song I tried to stay away from Psychology and philosophy lyrics and be more transparent for once and targeted the universal theme of “love for one’s mother.” Done in a confession, letter format.

Because if you don’t love your mother... or don’t like to cuddle then your not metal and brutal enough. “What is the sacrifice of the mother? A mother’s who’s worth her salt, offers her son to be destroyed by the world and that’s what’s going to happen, he’s going to be born, will suffer, have trouble in his life, have his illnesses, face his failures and catastrophes and he’s going to die (symbolically and literally).

But if you’re awake maybe you know that, then you say well perhaps he will live in a way that will JUSTIFY that! (Jordan Peterson). Love and appreciate your mother. Your actions say what you belief, not what you say you belief. Act without disappointing your mother.

I wanted to do this song in the fall of 2018 but already had too much on my plate back then...now I just have less lol. I had 4 songs coming in great for the third album but in all them I got stuck in either the mixing, album art or rearranging the composition... while still trying to top Heaven’s Vengeance BIMH Part 1.

So what do you do? You start from scratch! The perfect analogy is like having 4 puppies and you have to choose what puppy to kill first because you can no longer afford them. So what do you do? It’s simple. We kill the Batman... wrong script dude. No but seriously... you don’t shoot the puppies, you just buy a cat... and still keep the puppies. Note: My mom has not passed away yet.»

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