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Axas - "Lucifer" (audio)

Ο δίσκος των Axas "Broken Dreams"
Band: Axas
Audio: "Lucifer"
Album: "Broken Dreams"
Type: Reissue (45th Anniversary edition)
Release date: March 26th, 2020
Label: Cult Rock Classics
Format: 2CD

01. Lucifer (45 Single)
02. Goodbye America (45 Single)
03. Don’t You Think It’s Time
04. Lyin’ On
05. Here I Go Again
06. You Don’t Have to Say You’re Sorry
07. Golden Throne
08. Ala Moana Strut
09. Scavenger Train
10. Playin’ Our Dues
11. Broken Dreams
12. Prisoner Of Lust (bonus)
13. Play With Me (bonus)

01. Come On Everybody
02. County Jail
03. Don’t You Think It’s Time
04. Hard Attack
05. Hooker
06. Mister Majestic
07. My Kinda Woman
08. Rich Man
09. Rock And Roll Quees
10. Scavenger Train
11. She’s Mine
12. Take Me Down By The River
13. To See The Sun Rise

Δελτίο τύπου: «This is monster time! One of the best kept secrets of U.S. hard rock of the 70's will finally receive a proper reissue housed in a bombastic doudle disc edition that will feature their highly sought after "Lucifer" single originally released in 1975 plus their impossible to find "Broken Dreams" album that was released in 1979.

On top of that you will get 20 page booklet loaded with an extended band story, credits and liner notes, amazing photos directly from the band's archive, remastered sound, 2 bonus songs that never made it to the "Broken Dreams" album and an entire bonus disc featuing an amazing live show of the band.

This is the ultimate edition for any AXAS follower and a must have for every true fan and collector of 70's U.S. rock and lyrical melodic hard rock. The reissue is dedicated to the extraordinary guitar player and keyboardist Dan Shank, original AXAS member who passed away recently. Rock on brother!»

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