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The Nightmare Stage - "This Is The End" (home video)

Took a walk on a cold winters night.
Something here just didn't seem right.
When we were young
we fell in love with this place
Lately I'v'e been faced
with the memory of hate

Till my heart grows old
Till my soul grows old
If this is the end can we defend?
If this is the end of it all

Frozen time on the day that we died
It could've been that it
never was really right

Till my heart grows old
Till my soul grows old

If this is the end can we defend?
If this is the end of it all
It's fading the time that we shared
While stating we did not care
It's fading the life that we shared
The waiting I was prepared for the end
For the end

Το βίντεο των The Nightmare Stage για το "This Is The End" από το album "When The Curtain Closes"
Οι The Nightmare Stage δημιουργήθηκαν το 2008 στην Νέα Υόρκη. Δύο χρόνια αργότερα κυκλοφόρησαν το ντεμπούτο τους ("Free Admission for the Damned") και... χάνονται τα δισκογραφικά τους ίχνη. Δεν διαλύθηκαν όμως. Πέρυσι, εννέα χρόνια μετά, επέστρεψαν δισκογραφικά με το δεύτερο album τους, το οποίο φέρει τον τίτλο "When The Curtain Closes".

Οι The Nightmare Stage είναι ένα Αμερικάνικο prog / power metal συγκρότημα, το οποίο δηλώνει επηρεασμένο από μπάντες όπως οι Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Hades, Fates Warning, Black Sabbath κλπ. Αξίζει να αναφερθεί ότι ο τραγουδιστής Scott Oliva τραγουδά επίσης και στους Reverence, Wind Wraith, Tomorrow's Outlook...

Δελτίο τύπου: «The Nightmare Stage began as a group of diverse musicians with many years experience plying their respective crafts. They entered this musical partnership knowing one thing; that they’re goal was to create the darkest, heaviest and most dynamic product that they could. The outcome from actually having the band in one room writing material for the debut CD (like they used to do it in the old days) turned out to be a very exciting result.

Epic, sweeping keyboards courtesy of Marc Muchnik (Mourning Hour, Immortally Committed) combined with a stellar union between classic and modern riffing provided by Craig Bessemer (Mourning Hour, Immortally Committed) open the themes for this brand of cinematic Metal.

Opting for a hearty mixture of doom, thrash and NWOBHM, Bessemer leaves no stone unturned in the metal pantheon. These are then complemented highly by the multifaceted vocal attack of Mr. Scott Oliva (Oceans Of Night, Windwraith). The wall of sound created by skinsman Mike Festa (Immortally Committed, Coded) forms a monstrous backdrop to the proceedings.

The NightMare Stage CD has a projected release in spring 2010 and as far as debut CDs go, this one by far exceeds past all of our expectations to date. With a production team and visual expert on board this will make the first NightMare Stage concept CD come to life... April showers bring... what may be "The NightMare Stage...»

Band: The Nightmare Stage
Country of origin: United States
Location: New York
Formed in: 2008
Genre: Progressive/Power Metal
Years active: 2008-present

Video: "This Is The End"
Album: "When The Curtain Closes"
Type: Full length
Release date: April 26th, 2019
Label: Pure Steel Records
Format: CD, Digital

Band members:
Scott Oliva - Vocals
Craig Besemer - Guitars, Bass
Anthony Dazzo - Bass
Mark Muchnik - Keyboards
Rob Garcia - Drums

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