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Metalite - "Hunting High And Low" (Stratovarius cover)

Το single των Metalite "Hunting High And Low"
I feel the wind in my hair
And it's whispering, telling me things
Of the storm that is gathering here
Full of power I'm spreading my wings

Now I'm leaving my worries behind
Feel the freedom of body and mind
I have started my journey
I'm drifting away with the wind, I go

I am hunting high and low
Diving from the sky above
Looking for more and more once again
I'm hunting high and low
Sometimes I may win, sometimes I'll lose
Its just a game that I play

After the storm there's a calm
Through the clouds shines the ray of the sun
I am carried from all of my harm
There is no one that I can't outrun

AFM Records: «Metalite has a little early easter gift for all their fans out there - today they released a new single & videoclip of Stratovarius "Hunting High And Low". The band explains: "Well, this is our easter egg to all of our fans who support us in these hard times! A tribute to the big legends Stratovarius who gave us this big hit, which still is a masterpiece. Enjoy!" The Swedish Melodic Metal renewers Metalite released their latest record "Biomechanicals" in October 2019.»

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