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On Thorns I Lay - "Threnos" (video)

Το βίντεο των On Thorns I Lay για το "Threnos" από το ομότιτλο album
Water with tears of sorrow
As God Lives... we survive in flames
Apples of Eden... ripe to merrow
Before our souls will touch the sun

In deepest grief
In Endless Night
A broken hope
It's time to fall

Born to the future
To the future’s lost
It's not the forces of faith
But the prophets of our savior

Threnos the funeral song
Threnos requiem in sorrow...

Emotions freeze
When the cold breeze
Take me in deep Sleep
In Eternal peace...

As I die nobody, seems to care
In your hands
So much pain

Threnos the funeral song
Threnos requiem in sorrow...

My soul begs for freedom
My heart wants peace
A last breath in sadness
A last fear in sorrow...

Την τελευταία πενταετία έχουν επιστρέψει δισκογραφικά οι On Thorns I Lay. Ο διάδοχος του album "Aegean Sorrow" (Μάρτιος 2018) και ένατος συνολικά "ολοκληρωμένος" δίσκος των Ελλήνων metallers τιτλοφορείται "Threnos" και "βγήκε" προ ημερών...

Band: On Thorns I Lay
Country of origin: Greece
Location: Athens, Attica
Formed in: 1995
Genre: Doom / Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Sorrow, Pain, Human feelings, Emotions
Years active: 1992-1993 (as Paralysis), 1993-1995 (as Phlebotomy), 1995-2006, 2008-present

Video: "Threnos"
Album: "Threnos"
Type: Full length
Release date: February 21st, 2020
Label: Lifeforce Records
Format: CD, Digital

Track listing:
1. The Song of Sirens 06:58
2. Ouranio Deos 06:19
3. Cosmic Silence 04:59
4. Erynies 05:35
5. Misos 04:18
6. Threnos 07:14
7. Odysseia 09:48

Band members:
Stefanos Kintzoglou - Vocals
Christos Dragamestianos - Guitars
Antonis Venturis - Keyboards
Stelios Darakis - Drums
Akis Pastras - Guitars
Jim Ramses - Bass

Miscellaneous staff:
Dan Swanö - Mixing, Mastering
Vagelis Petikas - Artwork

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