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Kris Barras Band - "What A Way To Go" (video)

Οι Kris Barras Band είναι το προσωπικό σχήμα του κιθαρίστα Kris Barras. Αγαπούν το blues rock κι έκαναν ντεμπούτο με τον δίσκο "Lucky 13" το 2016. Έναν χρόνο νωρίτερα ο Kris (ο οποίος δηλώνει ως επιρροές καλλιτέχνες όπως οι: Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughn, King King) είχε "βγάλει" ένα demo EP. Πρόπερσι κυκλοφόρησε ο δεύτερος δίσκος της μπάντας, υπό τον τίτλο "The Divine and Dirty". Ο τρίτος τιτλοφορείται "Light It Up" και "βγήκε" τον περασμένο Σεπτέμβριο...

Kris Barras: «This was the very first song that I wrote for the ‘Light It Up’ album and it has always been one of my faves. I wanted to have a bit of fun with the video. The original plan was to have a good mate of mine play the main character. He would’ve been perfect as he has an amazing mullet! However, he had an accident and broke his collar bone a few days before we were due to start filming. So I made a quick pit stop at a fancy dress shop and we went to work! It was great fun to do something that we hadn’t done before with our videos. We had a lot of fun making it!»

Δελτίο τύπου: «Over the last 18 months the Kris Barras Band have become one of the hottest and fastest rising rock acts in the UK. He had stopped as an MMA fighter and self-released his 2016 debut album, he was playing pub venues to 20-50 people playing ZZ Top covers amongst originals, did a handful of blues festivals, played London only twice (as a support artist) and his aim was to get played on Planet Rock Radio.

He was close to giving up on music, the next album was his one last shot. 'The Divine And Dirty' was released on Provogue on 23 March 2018. Then the ball started rolling. The Kris Barras Band have played 4 UK headline tours, supported Beth Hart, Joanne Shaw Taylor, and this led to slots with GUN, King King, The Magpie Salute and Therapy? plus Jonny Lang & Walter Trout on Provogue's Rockin' The Blues festival tour.

After winning Planet Rock's Best New Band Award, Kris was invited to becoming a special guest presenter for 2 shows. If this wasn’t enough, Kris also joined Supersonic Blues Machine as lead singer/guitarist in July 2018 and toured Europe with the band and Billy F Gibbons! He features on the upcoming 'Road Chronicles: Live' album.

Kris Barras - from MMA fighter to hottest rising rock act in the UK. From "wanting to be played" on radio to being a presenter. From playing ZZ Top songs in a pub to actually being in a band with Billy F Gibbons. The future for the Kris Barras Band looks very exciting!»

Το βίντεο των Kris Barras Band για το "What A Way To Go" από το album "Light It Up"
Band: Kris Barras Band
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Location: Torquay
Genre: Blues rock, Hard rock

Video: "What A Way To Go"
Album: "Light It Up"
Type: Full length
Release date: September 13th, 2019
Label: Provogue Records
Format: CD, LP, Digital

Track listing:
01. What You Get
02. Broken Teeth
03. Vegas Son
04. Ignite (Light It Up)
05. 6AM
06. Rain
07. Counterfeit People
08. Let The River Run
09. Bullet
10. Wound Up
11. What A Way To Go
12. Not Fading
13. Pride Is Forever

Band members:
Kris Barras - Vocals, Guitar
Elliott Blackler - Bass
Will Beavis - Drums
Josiah J Manning - Keys

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