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Storm Force - "Dirty Vegas" (video)

Το βίντεο των Storm Force για το "Dirty Vegas" από το album "Age Of Fear"
Band: Storm Force
Country of origin: Canada
Genre: Hard Rock

Video: "Dirty Vegas"
Album: "Age Of Fear"
Type: Full length
Release date: January 25th, 2020
Label: Escape Music

Track listing:
01. Because of You 4:42
02. Age of Fear 4:09
03. Breathe - Words 4:51
04. Ember Rain 4:05
05. Ride Like Hell 4:07
06. Dirty Vegas 3:36
07. More Than You Know 4:06
08. Marshall Law 3:55
09. Different Roads 4:21
10. Ringside 4:56
11. Weight of the World 4:45

Band members:
Patrick Gagliardi - Lead Vocals
Greg Fraser (Brighton Rock) - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Brian Hamilton (Panik) - Drums, Vocals
Mike Berardell - Bass, Vocals

Produced by: Darius Szczepaniak (The Black Crowes)
Recording Engineer: Brian Hamilton
Mixed by: Darius Szczepaniak
Recorded at: Hamster Cage Studios - St.Catharines
Mixed at: Phase One Studios - Toronto
Edits: Brian Hamilton
Guest Keyboards: Rein Knol
Guest vocals on 'Breathe' & 'Age Of Fear': Serena Pryne
String arrangement on 'Different Roads': Darius Szczepaniak
Artwork by: Richard Jones

Bio: «Storm Force is the explosive new band that fans of classic hard melodic rock have all been waiting for.

Led by Canadian rock legends Brighton Rock founder and lead guitarist Greg Fraser and featuring one of today’s most powerful and versatile lead vocalists in Patrick Gagliardi (formerly of Surface Tension), their debut record produced by Darius Szczepaniak (Black Crowes, Sum 41, Big Sugar) combines colossal, crushing melodic rock with hook-laden ballads and massive choruses reminiscent of vintage Cinderella, balanced by classic rock sensibilities of acts like The Who and Van Halen.

The group hails from Niagara Falls, Canada and is rounded out by the blistering one-two punch rhythm section of ex-Panik and Step Echo drummer Brian Hamilton and sought-after session musician and touring bassist Mike Berardelli. Storm Force’s ground breaking new record is the result of a rich blend of rock influences spanning Triumph, UFO, Thin Lizzy, Foreigner, and so many more, and is available on Escape Music worldwide.»

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