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The Raz - "What's Real" (lyric video)

Το βίντεο των The Raz για το "What's Real από τον ομώνυμο δίσκο
Band: The Raz
Lyric video: "What's Real"
Album: "The Raz"
Type: Full length
Release date: February 9nd, 2018
Label: Rockshots Records
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. Black Garden
02. No One To Blame
03. Different Colored Leaves
04. Since I Lost You
05. 13 Years
06. My Woman
07. Mystery
07. No Surprise
08. What’s Real

Band members:
Nick Meehan - Guitars
Adam Shealey - Drums
Colton Beasley - Lead Vocals
Raz - Bass, Vocals

Bio: «The Raz is a 4-piece Rock band out of Columbia SC. The band is composed of 4 individuals from 4 different decades who love music, and more importantly, love to play music together.

As The Raz, they bring their diverse backgrounds together and make it into what they like to call Raz-N-Roll. With Nick Meehan on Guitar, David Scott McBee on Vocals, Adam Shealy on Drums and Dale Raszewski (“Raz”) on Bass.

The Raz was formed in the spring of 2016 by Raz and Nick Meehan when they met at Guitar Center in Columbia, SC where Raz was working. They got together at Nick’s house, jammed, and wrote 2 songs that first night. Soon after they recruited another Guitar Center employee by the name Andrew Bowers to play drums.

They started thinking of names and Nick said why don't we call the band "THE RAZ"? So they started playing as a power trio. Soon Raz realized they needed a better singer, so David Scott McBee was asked to join the band. Soon after David joined the band, Andrew left, and the search for a drummer was on.

The very first drummer to audition was Adam Shealy, and they offered him the job… and the rest is Raztory. In March of 2019 The Raz said goodbye to Singer David Scott Mcbee and in June of 2019 said hello to new vocal Vocalist Colton Beasley.»

Dale Raszewski: «We made a lyric video for "What's Real" because we feel the song is very pertinent to what's going on today. Sometimes seeing the lyrics or words in front of you helps you understand them better. Like reading a book. Everyone can get something out of this song, these lyrics. Also this is our closing song of our set and it always leaves the crowd wanting more.»

Rudy Sarzo​ (Ozzy, Dio, Whitesnake): «I love "The Raz" bluesier direction... the band sounds real tight.. Great songs and singer!»

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal​: «...the band is jamming and the vocals are killer, great stuff!»

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