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Rush - "Fly by Night" (video)

Why try? I know why
The feeling inside me says it's time I was gone
Clear head, new life ahead
I want to be king now not just one more pawn

Fly by night, away from here
Change my life again
Fly by night, goodbye my dear
My ship isn't coming and I just can't pretend

Moon rise, thoughtful eyes
Staring back at me from the window beside
No fright or hindsight
Leaving behind that empty feeling inside

Start a new chapter
Find what I'm after
It's changing every day
The change of a season

Is enough of a reason
To want to get away
Quiet and pensive
My thoughts apprehensive

The hours drift away
Leaving my homeland
Playing a lone hand
My life begins today

Ο δίσκος των Rush "Fly by Night"
Τον χειμώνα του 1975 οι Rush κυκλοφόρησαν τον δεύτερο "ολοκληρωμένο" τους δίσκο υπό τον τίτλο "Fly by Night", με τον οποίο ουσιαστικά "κλείνει" η πρώτη περίοδος της μπάντας (με το "Caress of Steel" να στέκεται στο μεταίχμιο). Το ομότιτλο τραγούδι κυκλοφόρησε λίγους μήνες αργότερα (Μάιος 1975) αυτόνομα ως single...

Band: Rush
Country of origin: Canada
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Status: Split-up
Formed in: 1968
Genre: Hard Rock/Progressive Metal
Years active: 1968-1969, 1969 (as Hadrian), 1969-2018

Video: "Fly by Night"
Type: Full length
Release date: February 15th, 1975
Label: Mercury Records
Format: 12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM), Cassette

Side A - Track listing:
1. Anthem 04:22
2. Best I Can 03:25
3. Beneath, Between & Behind 03:02
4. By-Tor & the Snow Dog 08:31

Side B - Track listing:
5. Fly by Night 03:22
6. Making Memories 02:58
7. Rivendell 05:00
8. In the End 06:48

Band members:
Geddy Lee - Vocals, Bass, Guitars (classical), Songwriting (tracks 1, 2, 4-8), Lyrics (tracks 1, 2, 4-8)
Alex Lifeson - Guitars (electric, acoustic), Songwriting (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 8), Lyrics (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 8)
Neil Peart - Drums, Percussion, Songwriting (tracks 1, 3, 4-7), Lyrics (tracks 1, 3, 4-7)

Miscellaneous staff:
John Woloschuk - Engineering
Bob Ludwig - Mastering
Brian Lee - Mastering
Joe Kotleba - Design
Richard Fegley - Photography
Terry Brown - Producer, Engineering, Arrangements
Eraldo Carugati - Cover Painting

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