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Redline - "Empires" (lyric video)

Οι Redline μας έρχονται από την Αγγλία. Σχηματίσθηκαν πριν από 13 χρόνια, το σλόγκαν τους είναι "Playing Heavy Metal loud" κι αναφέρουν ως επιρροές μπάντες όπως οι Judas Priest, Saxon, DIO, Whitesnake, Dokken, Y&T. Έχουν κυκλοφορήσει τρεις "ολοκληρωμένους" δίσκους. Ο πιο πρόσφατος "βγήκε" προ ημερών υπό τον τίτλο "Gods and Monsters"...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Redline hail from Birmingham, the ancestral home of metal. Balls to the walls guitars, a locked and loaded rhythm section and a real powerhouse of a vocalist, Redline have forged their own distinctive blend of Classic Hard Rock and British Heavy Metal. With influences drawn from a rich heritage, the band have been compared to Judas Priest, Saxon, Dio, Iron Maiden and a host of others from the founding fathers of metal.

Redline have played a number of British festivals including Hard Rock Hell, Planet Rockstock, Planet Rock’s Winter’s End, and Europe’s biggest free festival, The Godiva Festival in England. Redline have previously toured the UK with the legendary Saxon and the Quireboys.

Redline's album 'VICE', released on Escape Music (worldwide) and Rubicon Records in Japan met with much critical acclaim. One of the tracks featured is Redline'S anthemic "King Of The Mountain", which has become the soundtrack to the Isle Of Man TT Motorcycle Races.

Music from the album is also used exclusively on 'Full Throttle', a challenging motorcycle theme’d Pinball Machine ...and songs will now feature on the new official video game of the IOM TT Races to be released in 2020 on PS4 and all formats by BigBen Interactive.

Since releasing VICE, Redline have welcomed Chris Basener, an accomplished and exciting new guitarist, into the band. Chris has released a number of solo albums as well as authoring books on guitar technique and brings fresh impetus to the song writing process. Redline have found a great chemistry that sees them writing material that has a darker and heavier feel than before... and from this cauldron Gods And Monsters was born.

Redline elected to record the album at ROCKFIELD STUDIOS in Monmouth, England. The world’s first residential recording studio that saw not only Rush, Black Sabbath and Robert Plant record hit albums, but where Queen recorded one of the biggest tracks of all time, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Nick Brine at the console was a natural choice. Having worked at Rockfield and engineered, mixed and produced such diverse talents as The Darkness, Thunder, Tyketto, Brian May, Bruce Springsteen, The Stone Roses .....to name but a few, Nick has a great understanding of capturing that live band feel that Redline were seeking.

The finished mixes were passed onto Pete Maher, a world class Mastering Engineer for the likes of The Rolling Stones, U2, Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails, Thunder, Paul Weller... just some of the artists he has mastered award winning albums for; Redline naturally had no doubt that Pete’s mastering would unleash the full power of the tracks.

Redline’s Rockfield pilgrimage set out to capture the band’s signature classic rock sound, a raw energy that forms the basis of their music. Riff laden rock, power-pipe vocals and hook laden songs telling tales of the good...and the bad, of the darkness that lies within, and of hope that lights the way. Gods And Monsters... now about to land and blaze a trail for the next chapter of Redline... torchbearers for a new wave of Classic Rock and Metal.»

Το βίντεο των Redline για το "Empires" από το album "Gods and Monsters"
Band: Redline
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Location: Birmingham, England
Formed in: 2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Years active: 2006-present

Lyric video: "Empires"
Album: "Gods and Monsters"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 22nd, 2019
Label: Escape Music
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. Gods And Monsters 5:33
02. Empires 4:28
03. Prayer For Dying 4:33
04. Dark City 4:10
05. Killer 3:34
06. Fields Of Fire 4:46
07. Take It To The Grave 3:43
08. Nowhere Man 4:50
09. Hell Marry 4:13
10. Stand And Fight 3:15
11. 332 2:46

Band members:
Kez Taylor - vocals
Chris Basener - guitar
Ade Yeomans - guitar
Steve ‘Reg’ Hill - bass
Mark Biddiscombe - drums

Miscellaneous staff: Pete Maher - Mastering

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