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SL Theory - "You Never Happened" (video)

Band: SL Theory
Country of origin: Greece
Location: Piraeus
Genre: Hard Rock, Prog Rock / AOR

Video: "You Never Happened"
Shot at: Soundflakes Studios in Ellinikon
Directed / Edited by: Manos Georgakopoulos

Το βίντεο των SL Theory για το "You Never Happened" από το album "Cipher"
Album: "Cipher"
Type: Full length
Release date: December 6th, 2019
Label: Rock Of Angels Records

Track listing:
01. The Life & Death of Mr. Ess (13:30)
Part I: New Light
Part II: Colors
Part III: A World Of Grey
Part IV: He
Part V: She
Part VI: Restless
Part VII: Blackness
Part VIII: Reborn
Part IX: The Truth
Part X: Departure
02. You Never Happened (04:24)
03. Devil’s Suites (03:59)
04. Table’s Turned (03:39)
05. Grave Danger (03:24)
06. If It Wasn’t For You (02:37)
07. Anyone, Anymore (06:22)
08. If You Saw Me Dead (05:12)
09. Silence and Loneliness (03:28)
10. A Song About Nothing (04:08)
11. Happy (03:04)
12. If You Saw Me Dead (alternative version) (04:54)

Δελτίο τύπου: «"Cipher" is the first studio album that the band recorded with this line up. This is an album where the band displays in a unique, well-thought and precision-executed way all the elements that it is building their name on: sophisticated compositions and quality musicianship on the path of Prog Rock and AOR giants like Kansas, Styx, Queen and Foreigner.

From epic Prog Rock, to Heavy AOR and even a couple of surprising bluesy and funky touches, the whole musical heritage of SL Theory is present in "Cipher". Composition, lyrics, harmonies and performance made just the way it used to be made. With great respect to the fans of heavy sound. No tricks, whistles and bells.»

Bio: «Eight years after drummer Sotiris Lagonikas (What's The Buzz? / Double Treat) musical project SL Theory started, followed by the release of debut album titled "SL Theory - I", SL Theory have grown to a 10-member band, with the addition of Mike Karasoulis (Dakrya / Double Treat) on lead vocals, Alex Flouros (Seduce The Heaven / Fragile Vastness / What’s The Buzz?) and Giannis Nigdelis (Double Treat) on the guitars, Manos Gavalas (Sound Of Silence / Airged Lamh / Noely Rayn) on keyboards, Chris Kollias (Seduce The Heaven / Persona Non Grata) on bass guitar, as well as Christina Alexiou, Alexandros Louziotis, Kandia Bouzioti and Margarita Papadimitriou on backing vocals.»

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