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Blame Zeus - "No" (video)

Το βίντεο των Blame Zeus για το "No" από το album "Seethe"
We were hunted to extinction
Can’t you feel the flame?
We gathered no illusions
There’s no one else to blame

We left the warmth of home
Walked down the halls of shame
Sank deep into this quick sand
‘Til we were not the same

No, no, no

The heart of it is broken
The clock keeps ticking time
We cannot stop this fire
This burn we cannot hide

So we’ll just keep it in
We’ll keep it running high
We’ll breathe ‘til there’s no air left
Until you hear the cry

No, no, no

This is the final coming
No matter what they say
They glued us to the ground
But we’re flying far away

We can refuse to fall
No matter what they say
No matter what they say
No matter what they say

Blame Zeus: «Our new upcoming album will still possess BZ's genome, but it will bring some fresh features you've never seen in our work. It will be heavier, darker, more progressive, and it will make the fans submerge in a turmoil of strong feelings.

Fans will certainly feel our same old vibe in the songs, but recognize it has been upgraded, with a more modern sound. We worked freely, with no strings attached, using new elements, making everything sound rhythmically, harmonically and melodically intertwined. We have certainly not made things easier to ourselves, and had to evolve technically to be able to play and sing these new songs.»

Sandra Oliveira: «Seethe' could very well be considered a conceptual album because the main theme of the songs is unexpressed anger, silent pain transformed into poetry. Its contradictory nature is the liberation of the soul, it's letting go of that lump on your throat when you have something to say. Each song speaks of a particular situation where the silence and the numbness become a vehicle for action and freedom or even utmost despair.»

Band: Blame Zeus
Country of origin: Portugal
Location: Oporto
Formed in: 2010
Genre: Heavy Rock
Years active: 2010-present

Video: "No"
Video by: Unbox Films
Produced by: Blame Zeus
Music by: Blame Zeus
Lyrics by: Sandra Oliveira
Sandra's Hair by: Sónia Silva
Make up by: Sandra Oliveira

Album: "Seethe"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 8th, 2019
Label: Rockshots Records

Track listing:
01. How To Successfully Implode (4:51)
02. Déjà Vu (4:50)
03. Down To Our Bones (5:26)
04. White (4:41)
05. Bloodstained Hands (5:46)
06. The Obsession Lullaby (3:11)
07. Into The Womb (4:32)
08. No (4:29)
09. The Warden (5:27)
10. The Crown and The Gun (4:23)

Band members:
Sandra Oliveira - Vocals
Ricardo Silveira - Drums
Paulo Silva - Guitar
Tiago Lascasas - Guitar
Celso Oliveira - Bass

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