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Helloween - "Forever And One" (live video)

Το βίντεο των Helloween για το "Forever And One" από το album "United Alive"
What can I do?
Will I be getting through?
Now that I must try
To leave it all behind

Did you see
What you have done to me
So hard to justify
Slowly is passing by

Forever and one
I will miss you
However, I kiss you
Yet again
Way down in Neverland
So hard I was trying
Tomorrow I'll still be crying
How could you hide
Your lies, your lies

Here I am
Seeing you once again
My mind's so far away
My heart's so close
to stay
Too proud to fight
I'm walking back into night
Will I ever find
Someone to believe?

Forever and one
I will miss you
However, I kiss you
Yet again
Way down in Neverland
So hard I was trying
Tomorrow I'll still be crying
How could you hide your lies
Your lies

Η (προσωρινή) επιστροφή των Kai Hansen - Michael Kiske στους Helloween δεν είχε μόνο ως αποτέλεσμα την περιοδεία "Pumpkins United World Tour". Το reunion έφερε και δισκογραφικούς καρπούς.

Αρχικά ήταν το καινούριο τραγούδι - single "Pumpkins United" και τώρα μία πλήρης οπτικοακουστική εμπειρία με την κυκλοφορία του "United Alive" που απαθανατίζει στιγμές από εκείνη την περιοδεία...

Δελτίο τύπου: «It was THE sensation of the year 2016. During the production of the 498-page tribute to the pioneers of German melodic speed metal and to 30 years of global metal reputation, the involved parties realized one thing over everything else: The chemistry in this band had always been unique and an exceptional band history like this simply demanded a new chapter.

What belonged together needed to be joined: Pumpkins United. However, this birth was never just an original line-up reunion, but the real deal. The ultimate cast consisting of all 7 metal heroes: Andi Deris, Michael Kiske, Michael Weikath, Kai Hansen, Markus Grosskopf, Sascha Gerstner, and Daniel Löble.

Or in other words: A dream come true for fans from all over the world, who never stopped wishing for exactly this union. What followed, was a whoop of joy from North German river Elbe to Rio’s Sugar Loaf Mountain, and in fall 2017 the kick-off of the unbelievable Pumpkins United World Tour in Mexico.

In 14 months, Pumpkins United and their massive entourage delivered 69 Shows - including 14 headliner slots at the biggest festivals - in front of over one million people in 32 countries and on three continents. At the shows at Wacken, Rock Fest Barcelona and Masters of Rock, as well as with Iron Maiden at the Sweden Rock Festival and Firenze Rocks, the long-awaited mega revival was toasted to heavily, stages were set on fire, and tissues were used by the ton.

The dream continues from October 4th, 2019: With the release of "United Alive" & "United Alive In Madrid", the band presents audio and video evidence of the epic tour on DVD/Blu-ray and Live-CD/Vinyl via Nuclear Blast. Every singular solo, every spontaneous gesture, and every emotional encore of the Pumpkins United World Tour is evoked and made immortal by hellish tracking shots, breathless close-ups, and intimate interviews.

The artworks were once again created by the renowned photographer and art designer Martin Hausler, and display lots of previously unreleased live images along with high end packaging. The DVD/Blu-Ray "United Alive" nails the phenomenal sets with close quarters recordings from Wacken in front of 75,000 metal heads and 14,000 fans in the Madrid arena, and as a bonus tops it off with the legendary gig at the Espaço das Américas in front of 8,000 Fans in São Paulo.

Over three hours of live material in stereo and premium 5.1 surround sound, plus extensive background material, a movie compilation with the essentials of the concert’s LED content, all cartoon clips of Seth and Doc as well as a very personal 30-minute band interview about the past, present, and future. Very pure, the Live-CD/ Vinyl "United Alive In Madrid" has nearly three hours of unbridled Pumpkins live madness up its sleeve - including bonus tracks of the shows in Prague, São Paulo, Wacken, and Santiago de Chile.»

Band: Helloween
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Hamburg
Formed in: 1983
Genre: Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Fantasy, Humour, Religion, Politics, Glory
Years active: 1978-1981 (as Gentry), 1981-1982 (as Second Hell), 1982-1983 (as Iron Fist), 1983-present

Video: "Forever And One"
Album: "United Alive"
Type: Live album
Release date: October 4th, 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast

CD1 - Track listing:
01. Halloween
02. Dr. Stein
03. I'm Alive
04. If I Could Fly
05. Are You Metal?
06. Rise And Fall
07. Waiting For The Thunder
08. Perfect Gentleman
09. Kai’s Medley (Starlight / Ride The Sky / Judas / Heavy Metal Is The Law)
10. Forever And One
11. A Tale That Wasn't Right

CD2 - Track listing:
01. I Can
02. Livin’ Ain’t No Crime / A Little Time
03. Sole Survivor
04. Power
05. How Many Tears
06. Invitation / Eagle Fly Free
07. Keeper Of The Seven Keys
08. Future World
09. I Want Out

CD3 - Track listing:
01. March Of Time
02. Kids Of The Century
03. Why
04. Pumpkins United

Band members:
Markus Grosskopf - Bass
Michael Weikath - Guitars
Kai Hansen - Guitars, Vocals
Michael Kiske - Vocals
Andi Deris - Vocals
Sascha Gerstner - Guitars
Dani Löble - Drums

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