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Sons Of Apollo - "Live with the Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony" (documentary trailer)

Το album των Sons Of Apollo "Live with the Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony"
Μετά από ένα στουντιακό δίσκο κι ένα EP έφθασε η στιγμή για το πρώτο live album των Sons Of Apollo. Φέρει τον τίτλο "Live with the Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony" κι όπως μαρτυρά ο τίτλος του ηχογραφήθηκε / φιλμογραφήθηκε στην Βουλγαρία (σε αρχαίο ρωμαϊκό θέατρο) με την συμμετοχή της Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony. Το δεύτερο cd αποτελείται από διασκευές. Το συγκρότημα μπορεί να μην είναι ιδιαίτερα γνωστό, όμως οι μουσικοί που το απαρτίζουν κάθε άλλο παρά άγνωστοι είναι.

Την μπάντα δημιούργησαν δύο πρώην μέλη των Dream Theater: ο drummer Mike Portnoy και o πληκτράς Derek Sherinian. Μαζί τους ο Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (ex-Guns N’ Roses), ο Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs, Mr. Big, David Lee Roth κλπ) και ο Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, ex-Journey κλπ)...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Sons Of Apollo-former Dream Theater members Mike Portnoyand Derek Sherinian, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (ex-Guns N’ Roses), Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs, Mr. Big, David Lee Roth) and Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Journey, ex-YngwieMalmsteen's Rising Force) - are pleased to announce the release of ‘Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony’ on the 30th August 2019.

‘Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony’documents the band’s remarkable one-off performance at the Ancient Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria alongside a full orchestra & choir, playing tracks from their debut album ‘Psychotic Symphony’ as well as a selection of tracks by legendary bands. It will be available as a limited deluxe 3CD + DVD + Blu-Ray Artbook, Special Edition 3CD + DVD Digipak, Standalone Blu-Ray & Digital Album.»

Mike Portnoy: «In writing the setlist for Sons OfApollo’s very first tour, I knew we had to include a few songs from the Dream Theater album 'Falling Into Infinity' which was the only full length studio album we did while Derek was in the band. I wanted to do 'Just Let Me Breathe’ as it’s one of the deeper cuts on the album and I knew SOA would absolutely slay it!

Between Bumble, Derek & Billy's crazy guitar, keys & bass unison sections and Jeff's overall driving, funky vocal delivery (with myself on the verses & chorus and Bumble on the bridge), I knew the Sons would breathe a whole new life into this track and even kick it up a few notches! Plus, as the song’s lyricist, I took artistic license and changed the lyric from 'Shannon Hoon’ to ‘Chris Cornell’ to give it a little more relevance in 2019.

I’ve released several dozen live albums through the years with about a dozen different bands, but I have to say that this live release from Sons Of Apollo may indeed be the most special one of them all!! Everything was aligned that evening: an absolutely beautiful Roman amphitheatre and a perfectly gorgeous summer evening, one set of SOA material and one set of specially chosen cover songs, and to top it all off being joined by a symphony orchestra and choir…it was a magical evening for everybody in attendance and now we can share it with the rest of the world immortalized in this incredible live package.»

Band: Sons Of Apollo
Country of origin: International
Formed in: 2017
Genre: Prog metal
Years active: 2017-present

Video: "Live with the Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony" (trailer)
Album: "Live with the Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony"
Type: Live album
Release date: August 30th, 2019
Label: Inside Out Music
Format: 4 Vinyl, 3CD+DVD+Blu-ray, 3CD+DVD, Digital

CD1 - Track listing:
01. God Of The Sun
02. Signs Of The Time
03. Divine Addiction
04. That Metal Show Theme
05. Just Let Me Breathe (Dream Theater cover)
06. Billy Sheehan Bass Solo
07. Lost In Oblivion
08. Jeff Scott Soto Solo Spot (The Prophet’s Song / Save Me)
09. Alive
10. The Pink Panther Theme
11. Opus Maximus

CD2 - Track listing:
01. Kashmir (Dream Theater cover)
02. Gates Of Babylon
03. Labyrinth
04. Dream On
05. Diary Of A Madman
06. Comfortably Numb
07. The Show Must Go On
08. Hell’s Kitchen
09. Derek Sherinian Keyboard Solo
10. Lines In The Sand

CD3 - Track listing:
01. Bumblefoot Guitar Spot
02. And The Cradle Will Rock
03. Coming Home

Band members:
Mike Portnoy - Drums
Derek Sherinian - Keyboards
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - Guitar
Billy Sheehan - Bass
Jeff Scott Soto - Vocal

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