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Michael Sweet (Stryper) - "Better Part of Me" (ft. Jeff Loomis)

Το βίντεο του Michael Sweet για το "Better Part of Me" από το album "Ten"
Νέος προσωπικός δίσκος του Michael Sweet στον ορίζοντα. Ο τραγουδιστής / κιθαρίστας των Stryper θα κυκλοφορήσει τον Οκτώβριο το album "Ten" με την συνεισφορά μουσικών όπως οι Jeff Loomis, Gus G, Joel Hoekstra, Tracii Guns κλπ.

Δελτίο τύπου: «Building upon the success of his 2016 release One Sided War, Stryper front man Michael Sweet returns with his tenth solo studio release aptly titled, "Ten". The new album is scheduled for release on October 11th via Rat Pak Records and will also be available in Europe via Frontiers Music SRL.

Ten features an all star guest lineup that includes appearances by, Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy, Todd La Torre of Queensryche, Andy James, Tracii Guns of LA Guns, Rich Ward of Fozzy, Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake, Gus G of Firewind, Howie Simon, Ethan Brosh, Marzi Montazeri, Will Hunt of Evanescence, John O’Boyle, Mike Kerr and Ian Raposa of Firstbourne and more.»

Michael Sweet: «There is a different player appearing on every song. It started out where I was just going to have a couple of guest appearances on it, then I decided that it would be really interesting to bring in different players for every song. I started putting names out there and reaching out to people, and they started agreeing to do it.

And then I had guys reaching out to me. “I’m very excited about this release, there are old-school, straight-ahead metal ideas in the vein of Judas Priest, Dio and Iron Maiden, all the stuff I love listening to! It's called 'Ten' cause it's my tenth album, and because there is a title track on there about the Ten Commandments - a really powerful song. There's real heavy stuff. It starts kind of smacking you in the face and it ends kicking you in the gut.»

Artist: Michael Sweet
Birth name: Michael Harrison Sweet
Born: July 4, 1963 (age 56)
Occupation: Musician, singer, songwriter, producer
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano
Years active: 1975-present

Lyric video: "Better Part of Me"
Video by: Wayne Joyner
Album: "Ten"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 11th 2019
Label: Rat Pak Records

Track listing:
01. Better Part of Me (featuring Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy)
02. Lay It Down (featuring Marzi Montazeri)
03. Forget, Forgive (featuring Howie Simon)
04. Now Or Never (featuring Gus G of Firewind)
05. Ten featuring (Rich Ward of Fozzy)
06. Shine (featuring Ethan Brosh)
07. Let It Be Love
08. Never Alone (featuring Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake)
09. When Love Is Hated (featuring Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake)
10. Ricochet (featuring Tracii Guns of LA Guns)

Bonus tracks:
11. With You Till The End (featuring Mike Kerr and Ian Raposa from Firstbourne)
12. Son Of Man (featuring Todd La Torre of Queensryche and Andy James)

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  1. Έχει κάποιο νόημα να βγάζεις προσωπικό δίσκο και να παίζεις ότι και με τη μπάντα σου;


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