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Spiker - "Heavy Metal Macht" (ep)

Spiker: νέο συγκρότημα. σχηματίσθηκε στο Έσσεν πρόπερσι. Την ίδια χρονιά κυκλοφόρησε το demo "Saufen an der Meile". Το ντεμπούτο του είναι ένα ep πέντε τραγουδιών. Φέρει τον τίτλο "Heavy Metal Macht", "βγήκε" προ ημερών και -στην παρούσα ανάρτηση- μπορείτε να το ακούσετε ολόκληρο...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Dying Victims Productions is proud to present a brand-new EP from Spiker, Heavy Metal Macht, on CD, 12" vinyl, and cassette tape formats. Ever aptly titled, Heavy Metal Macht is indeed pure German metal THUNDER!

No thrash, no speed, just simple (and simply stunning) HEAVY METAL brewed in the cauldrons of old, all delivered in Spiker's mother tongue, as a nod to the old GDR metal bands who sang in German as well.

Classy and cruising whilst emitting a touch of rowdiness that's intrinsic to the Teutonic rivethead ethos, here on Heavy Metal Macht do this young quartet of old souls charge into the night with gusto and panache, armed to the teeth with anthems of indelible steel.

Granted, Spiker can certainly kick up the pace when they want to, but their thrust isn't strictly speed metal per se, but rather a hook-intensive sort somewhere between early Living Death and classic Tank, Germany's Warrant and Strong Arm of the Law-era Saxon. You've been warned about their Heavy Metal Macht!»

Το ep των Spiker "Heavy Metal Macht"
Band: Spiker
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Formed in: 2017
Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Years active: 2017-present

Album: "Heavy Metal Macht"
Type: EP
Release date: July 8th, 2019
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Format: CD, 12" vinyl, Cassette

Track listing:
1. Heavy Metal Macht
2. Teufelskreis
3. Der Rock der’s bringt
4. Kommando
5. Rockmanie

Band members:
Otte - Bass
Faxe - Drums
Max - Guitars
Julian - Vocals

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