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Red Sea - "Soul Shaker" (lyric video)

Το βίντεο των Red Sea για το "Soul Shaker"από το album "Blood"
Band: Red Sea
Country of origin: United States
Genre: Hard Rock
Lyrical themes: Christianity

Lyric video: "Soul Shaker"
Album: "Blood"
Type: Full length (Reissue)
Release date: November 29th, 1994
Label: Rugged Records

Re-release date: July 26th, 2019
Label: Roxx Records
Format: CD, Vinyl

Track listing:
01. Soulshaker (4:50)
02. Blood (4:52)
03. Wolves At The Door (7:19)
04. Dust To Dust (5:32)
05. Last Days Of Winter (4:36)
06. Walk On Fire (3:57)
07. Shades Of Purple (5:18)
08. Hellbound Train (5:29)
09. Losin’ My Way (5:50)
10. Down Home Static (1:04)
11. Tears Of Joy (4:44)

Band members:
Chris Howell - Guitars, Dobro
Greg Chaisson - Bass
Jeff Martin – Drums
Robyn Kyle Basauri - Vocals, Percussion

Δελτίο τύπου: «Roxx Records is bringing you another long lost Christian Metal classic that has been out of print for years and years! Red Sea released one album entitled ‘Blood’ before calling it a day back in 1994. The album was critically acclaimed and garnered quite a bit of attention back then, but alas given the hard rock and metal market at that time the album ended up being a one off and a follow up was never recorded.

Red Sea featured the amazing vocal talents of Robin Basauri (Die Happy, Joshua) the guitar playing of Chris Sorenson (Fear Not) drums of Jeff Martin (Badlands, Racer X) and rounded out on bass by Greg Chaisson (Badlands, Die Happy). The album boasted very well done heavy, bluesy rock boarding on metal. What you got here was a band that sounded very much like Badlands but featured Christian lyrics and themes.

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of this classic album and we revisit it and improve upon it in every way we possibly can. This 25th anniversary edition features only those 11 classic tracks completely remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. It also boasts brand new upgraded artwork and design that holds true to the original concept by Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal Graphics.

Blood is being pressed on vinyl for the very first time ever in a limited edition pressing of only 500 pieces. There will be a limited pressing of 150 on red vinyl and 350 on black vinyl. Also a brand new limited edition CD pressing housed in a jewel case with a beautiful 8 page booklet with lyrics liner notes and previously unreleased archive photos of the band.»

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