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Outloud - "World-Go-Round" (video)

Νέο video clip διαθέσιμο από τον τελευταίο δίσκο των Outloud "Virtual Hero Society" που "βγήκε" τον περασμένο Σεπτέμβριο. Αφορά στην οπτικοποίηση του τραγουδιού "Borrowed Time". Το "World-Go-Round" είναι το τέταρτο full length album του Ελληνικού σχήματος και πέμπτος συνολικά δίσκος (μαζί με την συλλογή "Destination: Overdrive (The Best of Outloud)")...

Band: Outloud
Country of origin: Greece
Location: Athens
Formed in: 2004
Genre: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal
Years active: 2004-present

Το βίντεο των Outloud για το "World-Go-Round" από το album "Virtual Hero Society"
Video: "World-Go-Round"
Album: "Virtual Hero Society"
Type: Full length
Label: Rock Of Angels Records
Release date: September 14th, 2018
Format: CD, 2 LP

Track listing:
01. Fools' Train
02. My Promise
03. Virtual Heroes
04. I Am The One
05. Share My Dreams
06. World-Go-Round
07. We Got Tonite
08. Borrowed Time
09. Live With It
10. ...And I Tried
11. Fallen Love
12. Fight On!

Band members:
Chandler Mogel - All Lead, Background Vocals
Bob Katsionis - Lead Guitars, Keys
Sverd - Bass
Jim Scordilis - Guitars
Thanos Pappas - Drums

ROAR: «Outloud, the international melodic hard rock sensation consisting of Bob Katsionis (Firewind) and NYC-based singer Chandler Mogel has released 3 albums and an EP to wide critical acclaim in the hard rock / metal world, since its debut released on Frontiers Records in 2009, has appeared in hundreds of rock & metal publications both print and online, including features in major mags such as BURRN!

Japan, Rock Hard, Fireworks, Metal Hammer, etc. They have become the most viewed Greek Hard Rock band on YouTube. Their songs appear on a handful of reputable compilations such as Rock Hard, Metal Hammer & Classic Rock AOR and their track “We Run” was named ‘Track of the Day’ in Classic Rock Magazine.

The band has toured in Europe and in its home-base country of Greece multiple times, has appeared on national TV there (on MTV Greece, MAD TV and Radio Arvyla, the country’s biggest talk show) and also twice on the cover for Greek Metal Hammer, the country’s biggest rock publication.

The band begin a new chapter of their career with their fourth full-length album, “Virtual Hero Society” (aka VHS) on ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records, a new, on-the-rise hard rock label out of Greece.»

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