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Ancient Oak Consort - "Men Fighting for Men" (video)

Το βίντεο των Ancient Oak Consort για το "Men Fighting for Men" από το album "Hate War Love"
Band: Ancient Oak Consort
Formed in: 1995
Genre: Prog Rock / Metal
Years active: 1995-present

Video: "Men Fighting for Men"
Album: "Hate War Love"
Type: Full length
Release date: May 18th, 2018
Label: Revalve Records
Format: CD, Digital

Track listing:
01. Walking (Barcarola) 2:07
02. Eternal Clash 5:17
03. Love Theme (Piano) 0:46
04. By the Sea 4:43
05. Diario di bordo 3:45
06. The Heaven's Lie 5:55
07. Sweetly (Ninna nanna) 0:53
08. Men Fighting for Men 4:44
09. Love Theme (Dialogue) 0:47
10. Barcarola 3:42
11. The Race 5:33
12. Will You Remember Me? 2:38
13. The Letter 4:44
14. Epilogue 4:14
15. Sick Dream 4:08
16. Love Theme (Guitar Version) 0:33
17. Ninna nanna 2:31

Band members:
Andrea Vaccarella - Guitars
Stefano Ruscica - Drums

Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) - Voice
Mathias Blad (Falconer) €- Voice
Giulia Stefani - Voice (Ravenscry)
Francesco €Frank€ Marino (Union Radio€“ J. Macaluso band) - Voice
Cosimo Tranchino - Bass
Dario Giannì - Bass
Filippo Di Pietro - Bass
Alexandra Butnaru

Δελτίο τύπου: «Ancient Oak Consort was born in 1995, founded by Andrea Vaccarella (composer / guitarist). The 1th album Ancient Oak, released in 1997; the 2th album The Acoustic Resonance of Soul, released in 2006.

Ancient Oak Consort is a Rock - Progressive - Metal band with Chamber Music and Mediterranean Folk influences. Ancient Oak Consort is a project composed of 3 fixed members and special guests. Why Consort?

Because in Renaissance music Consort means that some musicians play music with the founding musicians. The important thing is the use of classic guitar and the compositions of chamber music inspired by great composers like Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota.»

2 σχόλια:

  1. Τι κομματάρα είναι αυτή; Πρώτη φορά τους ακούω. Αν είναι έτσι και τα υπόλοιπα κομμάτια πρέπει να ψαχτώ με το δίσκο.

    1. Όντως πολύ ωραίο τραγούδι. Μου θύμισε κάτι από Brave ή Arise From Thorns (η προγενέστερη μορφή των Brave)...