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Midnight Bullet - "Second Chances" (video)

Το συγκρότημα Midnight Bullet
Ο τρίτος δίσκος των Midnight Bullet είναι προ των πυλών. Ο διάδοχος του album "Lose My Face" (Ιανουάριος 2015) του Φινλανδικού συγκροτήματος φέρει τον τίτλο "Into the Fire" κι αναμένεται να κυκλοφορήσει στις αρχές Μαΐου...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Midnight Bullet is 4 piece group from Finland - rock band with heavy touch spiced with some punk flavours. Every song has some thought and the lyrics has a story to tell. We try to connect people and it's great if you can recognize yourself in the song. We try to say that we're not alone in this world, don't get stuck inside your head. Sometimes the truth will hurt! Be ready to scream your voice sore and bang your head!»

Midnight Bullet: «Second Chances - Love. This song is a story about love and vulnerability. You need to give yourself into another person's arms, but sometimes it can be difficult. You gotta have trust and reveal your true colours. It's not always easy and you have to put in a lot of work if you want to make it work.»

Band: Midnight Bullet
Country of origin: Finland
Location: Mäntyharju
Formed in: 2009
Genre: Groove/Heavy Metal
Years active: 2009-present

Video: "Second Chances"
Album: "Into the Fire"
Type: Full length
Release date: May 3rd, 2019
Label: Inverse Records

Band members:
Tuomas Lahti - Vocals, Guitar
Mikko Nokelainen - Drums
Lauri Ikonen - Lead Guitar
Mirko Miettinen - Bass

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