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Cellar Darling - "Death" (video)

Time is just a means to an end
Who are you to decide since it all comes down to me?
I can end your suffering so
take my hand I’ll never let go
Here I am, I’ve come for you
Look me in the eyes and tell me your name
You and I will go away
You have seen the sun rise for the last time
The circle of life gives all to / you / who must
relinquish for the circle of life
What for you is sorely brief
is my everlasting chore
You and I, at the end of time
You and I, step out of the light
You’ll be mine

Το βίντεο των Cellar Darling για το "Death" από το album "The Spell"
Band: Cellar Darling
Country of origin: Switzerland
Location: Winterthur / Lucerne
Formed in: 2016
Genre: Prog / Folk metal
Years active: 2016-present

Video: "Death"
Created by: Costin Chioreanu
Album: "The Spell"
Type: Full length
Release date: March 22nd, 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Format: CD, 2CD (Digibook), Vinyl

Recorded at: Newsound Studio
Produced by: Tommy Vetterli, Anna Murphy
Mixed by: Tommy Vetterli
Mastered by: Tony LIndgren

Track listing:
01. Pain
02. Death
03. Love
04. The Spell
05. Burn
06. Hang
07. Sleep
08. Insomnia
09. Freeze
10. Fall
11. Drown
12. Love Pt II
13. Death Pt II

Band members: Anna Murphy, Ivo Henzi, Merlin Sutter

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