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Angra - "Magic Mirror" (video)

Ο ένατος "στουντιακός" δίσκος των Angra (και δεύτερο album των Βραζιλιάνων metallers με τον Fabio Lione στα φωνητικά - ο πρώτος ήταν το "Secret Garden" του 2015) είναι concept, τιτλοφορείται "ØMNI" και κυκλοφόρησε πέρυσι. Το τραγούδι "Light of Transcendence" αποτελεί την έκτη επιλογή για video clip...

Δελτίο τύπου: «After having premiered four (!) video clips for the album “Ømni”, such as “Black Widow’s Web”, “Insania”, “War Horns” and “Light Of Transcendence”, Angra returns in 2019 with a big bang: a new video clip for the song “Magic Mirror”, a very iconic composition from the most recent album.

Inspired by the acidity of Rafael Bittencourt’s questioning lyrics, the director Pedro Jorge worked on the screenplay for “Magic Mirror” and portrayed its topic with subtlety and poetry. The video clip includes the presence of Jaqueline Oliveira and Jéssica Batista, two professional fighters and real warriors in their own lives.

The reflection from the magic mirror reveals that what bothers us in other people is in fact what we need to learn and understand about ourselves. Foes and people that we don’t have empathy for give us the opportunity to discover a shocking pathway of personal growth. “For this video clip I wanted to show that what we see in the others is actually something inside us,” reflects guitarist Rafael Bittencourt.

“Filming the video clip for ‘Magic Mirror’ was really important to the band because it’s one of my favourite songs from the new record and also because I thought that it had to have a video clip that represented it. We recorded it in a very nice and creative location and I especially like the fighter scenes in the end that show that they’re only one person,” explains bass player Felipe Andreoli.

Fans already consider “Magic Mirror” as one of the classics throughout all of Angra’s history. It combines the traditional heavy metal formulas, the band’s trademark sound and the unmistakable voice of Fabio Lione.

“Ømni” is Angra’s 9th studio album, a result of months and months of hard work and blood, sweat and intense dedication. Produced by Jens Bogren, the concept album is a mark not only for the band but also for the Brazilian metal scene. Angra is getting ready to start 2019 with a lot of work. Soon, information about new releases, festivals and tours will be shared with the fans.»

Band: Angra
Country of origin: Brazil
Location: São Paulo, São Paulo
Formed in: 1991
Genre: Power / Progressive Metal
Lyrical themes: Religion, Personal thoughts, Conceits, War, Life
Years active: 1991-2007, 2009-present

Video: "Magic Mirror"
Director: Pedro Jorge
Executive Producers: Paulo Baron & Alice Sesoko
Cinematography: Gabriel Barella
Cameras: Gabriel Barella, Bruno Fiorio, Daniel Martinez & Pedro Jorge
Production Manager and Assistant Director: Alice Sesoko
Production Assistant: Clara Araujo
Production Designer: Daniela Aldrovandi
Special Effects: Brunno Fernandes
Art Department Assistant: Luccas Marcondes
Costume Designer: Carla Costa
Costume Designer Assistant: Camila Bessa
Gaffer: Vernal
Electrical Assistant: Leandro Rocha Santos “Buba” & Isaac Nunes de Souza
Make-up Effects: Rafael Oriente
Fighters: Jaqueline Oliveira & Jessica Batista

Angra - "Magic Mirror" (video) from the album "ØMNI"
Album: "ØMNI"
Type: Full length
Release date: February 18th, 2018
Label: earMUSIC
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. Light of Transcendence
02. Travelers of Time
03. Black Widow’s Web
04. Insania
05. The Bottom of My Soul
06. War Horns
07. Caveman
08. Magic Mirror
09. Always More
10. ØMNI - Silence Inside
11. ØMNI - Infinite Nothing

Band members:
Rafael Bittencourt - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Felipe Andreoli - Bass, Vocals (backing)
Fabio Lione - Vocals
Bruno Valverde - Drums

Guest/Session: Marcelo Barbosa Guitars (lead)

Miscellaneous staff:
Jens Bogren - Producer
Daniel Martin Diaz - Cover art

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