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Dust Lovers - "Fandango" (live SHS 2018)

Το βίντεο των Dust Lovers για το "Fandango" από το album "Film Noir"
Band: Dust Lovers
Country of origin: France
Location: Paris
Formed in: 2015

Video: "Fandango"
Recorded by: Christophe Hogommat
Mixed by: Christophe Hogommat
Cameras: Guillaume Quincy
Edited by: Christophe Hogommat
Color grade by: Clément Collot

Album: "Film Noir"
Type: Full length
Release date:
Label: October 20th, 2017
Format: CD, 12" vinyl, Digital

Band members:
Clément Collot - Guitar, Vocals
Nagui Méhany - Guitar, Harmonica
Christophe Hogommat - Drums
Étienne Collot - Bass

Δελτίο τύπου: «It's a coming of age for French rockers The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers, as they recently renamed themselves DUST LOVERS. It's a will to go straight to the heart of matter, to what has always mattered to them: telling disenchanted stories with their dark rock'n'roll swagger, sweaty grooves and dramatic approach drew from 40s to 70s movies.

Initially released in the fall of 2017, third album "Film Noir" was reissued on 12" 'smokey transparent' vinyl on June 24th, date of their first hectic appearance at Hellfest in front of 7500 revelers. "Film Noir" features ten tracks of a highly thrilling, swagger-laden and energetic heavy rock.

Sexy sweaty rock anthems topped off by a deathly rock’n’roll crooning, Morricone-inspired heavy fuzzy tones, and there you are, with a bullet straight between your eyes! Formed in 2011 in Paris, DUST LOVERS brought together their definitive lineup with new guitarist Nagui Méhany in 2014. After their "Born Bad" debut EP (2012) and the release of their blazing single "White Teeth", the foursome put out their second EP "The Wolf Is Rising" in 2014, getting high praises from the French press.

On the fringe of the hexagonal rock scene, DUST LOVERS stand out from the crowd thanks to exalting south-infused atmospheres, hitting the riff highway somewhere between Clutch and Queens Of The Stone Age, with more desperado swagger than mere mortals can handle.

After they extensively toured France and Spain, and played shows alongside The Midnight Ghost Train, No One Is Innocent, Black Spiders and The Picturebooks, DUST LOVERS returned in 2016 with their bold and exhilarating debut album "Me And The Devil" on Besta Records.

Going through the heavy rock spectrum with swagger, DUST LOVERS blend a catchy, groove-laden songwriting with an irresistible Wild West gunslinger je-ne-sais-quoi that makes the listener crave a horse (or motorbike) ride under a warm desert sunset...»

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