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Trick or Treat - "Re-Animated" (videos)

Band: Trick or Treat
Country of origin: Italy
Location: Modena, Emilia - Romagna
Formed in: 2002
Genre: Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Happiness, Joy, Life, Fantasy, Literature
Years active: 2002-present

1st video: "Jem" (metal cover feat. Sara Squadrani)
2nd video: "Prince Valiant" [feat. Potowotominimak (Nanowar of steel)]
3rd video: "Il mistero della pietra azzurra" (feat. Chiara Tricarico)
4th (lyric) video: "What's my destiny DragonBall" (feat. Giorgio Vanni)
5th video: "Cinque samurai" [feat. Mark Basile (DGM)]
6th video "Daitarn 3" [feat. Michele Luppi (Whitesnake, Secret Sphere)]
7th video: "Batman" [feat. Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth)]
8th (lyric) video: "Devilman" [feat. Steva (Deathless legacy)]

Ο δίσκος των Trick or Treat "Re-Animated"
Album: "Re-Animated"
Type: Full length

Release date: February 9th, 2018
Label: Independent
Format: CD

Release date: February 11th, 2018
Label: Independent
Format: Digital

Release date: October 31st, 2018 (Japan)
Label: King Records
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. Voltron 01:08
02. Batman 03:42
03. Cinque samurai 03:21
04. What's My Destiny Dragonball 02:54
05. Jeeg robot d'acciaio 02:55
06. Jem 03:17
07. Oltre i cieli dell'avventura - Pokémon 03:20
08. David Gnomo 03:22
09. Prince Valiant 03:18
10. Il mistero della pietra azzurra 03:45
11. Daitarn 3 04:07
12. Beyblade Metal Masters 04:22
13. Devilman 04:07
14. Robin Hood 03:16
15. Ken il guerriero 03:42
16. Diabolik 03:35
17. King Arthur and the Knights of Justice 02:48
18. Let It Go 04:22
19. Pegasus Fantasy 03:38

Band members:
Alessandro Conti - Vocals
Leone Villani Conti - Bass
Guido Benedetti - Guitars
Luca Setti - Drums
Luca Venturelli - Guitars

Chiara Vecchi - Vocals (choirs)
Silvia Vecchi - Vocals (choirs)
Simone Mularoni - Guitars (track 5)
Lethien - Violin (track 8)
Emanuele Casali - Keyboards (track 7)
Andrea Arcangeli - Bass (track 13)
Alessio Lucatti - Keyboards
Roberto Tiranti - Vocals (track 2)
Mark Basile - Vocals (track 3)
Giorgio Vanni - Vocals (track 4)
Giacomo Voli - Vocals (track 5)
Sara Squadrani - Vocals (female) (track 6), Vocals (choirs)
Marco Pastorino - Vocals (track 7)
Damnagoras - Vocals (track 8)
Potowotominimak - Vocals (track 9)
Chiara Tricarico - Vocals (female) (track 10), Vocals (choirs)
Michele Luppi - Vocals (track 11), Keyboards (track 11)
Danny Metal - Vocals (track 12)
Steva - Vocals (female) (track 13)
Tomi Fooler - Vocals (track 14)
Fabio Dessi - Vocals (track 15), Vocals (choirs)
Adrienne Cowan - Vocals (female) (track 18)
Erabu Yurie - Vocals (female) (track 19)

Miscellaneous staff:
Cristian Daolio - Photography
Valentina Melavenda - Photography
Alessandro Conti - Artwork
Simone Mularoni - Mixing, Mastering

Δελτίο τύπου: «TRICK OR TREAT are a crazy bunch of musicians: they are one tight power metal band and they sure deliver the goods on stage, but they also like to share some fun with their audience - that’s why everybody loves them.

Formed back in 2002 by lead guitarist Luca Cabri and initially performing as a tribute to Helloween, they quickly got very popular and played the most renown live clubs around Italy: after a couple of intense years on the stage, they recorded the “Like Donald Duck” 4-piece demo and signed a deal with Valery Records for their first full-length, named “Evil Needs Candy Too”, which came out in 2006. The debut got a terrific response and put TRICK OR TREAT back on the road for the following two years, playing over 100 gigs in Europe and U.S.A.

Nevertheless, the guys kept writing more songs and in 2009 they gave birth to their second LP, called “Tin Soldiers”, which features Michael Kiske (Helloween, Place Vendôme) on two songs and Michele Luppi (Vision Divine, Killing Touch) on another one: as expected, the record receives a brilliant feedback on the scene (for instance, it breaks on the Japanese charts at the 29th place) and the band plays some top festivals, like the Agglutination, the Palasharp I-Metal Fest and the Italian Gods Of Metal. Last but absolutely not least, TRICK OR TREAT have also been recently selected as opener band for Helloween’s “The 7 Sinners World Tour 2010/11” together with special guest Stratovarius.

in early 2012, Luca Turilli announced that the Trick or Treat’s singer Alessandro Conti is the new lead singer of the band “Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY”. the first album: “Ascending to infinity” is already a hit in metal-charts all over the world.

In the 2012, Trick or Treat come back with a new album, a concept inspired by the novel of Richard Adams “Wathersip down”, which features Andre Matos on one track.

The album’s called “Rabbits’ Hill pt.1″. In 2014 Trick or Treat toured as support to Sonata Arctica during the "Pariah's child" european tour (21 shows) the 8 july 2016 the band releases the new album "rabbits' Hill pt.2" (the first with Frontiers records) the first feedbacks are just incredible, also thanks to the guest singer that appear on it: Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) Tim "ripper" Owens (ex-Judas Priest) and Sara Squadrani (Ancients Bards - Ayreon)

TRICK OR TREAT? Make your choice... the 11th of February, After a sensational crowdfunding campaign (18k € earned, 250% of the goal reached, the best result ever reached for a rock record on Musicraiser) Re-Animated is available!

19 of the most loved cartoon themes songs since the 80’s to nowadays, 16 duets with some of the most renowned artist in the italian metal scene, like Roberto Tiranti (Labyrith), Michele Luppi (Whitesnake, Secret Sphere), and more! First of all the guests, there’s Giorgio Vanni, the original voice of some of the most famous themes, that joined us in the metal version of “what’s my destiny Dragon Ball”!

Born as a spin-off project of the band, Re-Animated is an idea that takes form many yers ago, always postponed to prioritize the original works of the bands, it is now reality, and the result is something way more excellent than expected. As always, a big part of this result is credit of the mighty Simone Mularoni from Domination Studios.

Re-animated is a proudly self-production record, or even better, a co-production record, with the support of our incredible fan-base.

It’s a party album, made with a total new workflow, with the main purpose of live again those emotions that only cartoon themes can give, and make them re-live with a new metal sound that represent us as a band nowadays. This is an experience, shared with lots of our lifetime friends and great musicians met on the road during the years, and it’s also kind a tribute to our friendship!»

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