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CoreLeoni - "All I Care For" (video)

CoreLeoni - "All I Care For" (video) from the album "The Greatest Hits Part 1"
Band: CoreLeoni
Country of origin: Switzerland
Genre: Hard Rock
Video: "All I Care For"

Album: "The Greatest Hits Part 1"
Type: Full length
Total length: 55:31
Tracks: 13
Release date: February 23rd, 2018
Label: Frontiers Music
Format: CD, Vinyl

Produced by: Leo Leoni
Studio: Yellow House Studio 13
Recorded by: Davide Pagano, Leo Leoni
Mixed by: Paul Lani
Mastered by: Darcy Propper

Track listing:
01. Il Padrino 0:44
02. Firedance 6:17
03. Downtown 3:03
04. Higher 4:04
05. Get It While You Can 5:29
06. In the Name 4:58
07. Let It Be 6:16
08. All I Care For 4:27
09. Walk on Water 4:15
10. Here Comes the Heat 3:02
11. Tell No Lies 4:00
12. Ride On 4:18
13. Anytime Anywhere 4:38
14. El Traidor (Bonus Track - CD edition only)

Band members:
Leo Leoni - Guitars
Ronnie Romero (Lords Of Black, Rainbow) - Vocals
Hena Habegger - Drums
Jgor Gianola - Guitars
Mila Merker - Bass

Leo Leoni: «On the 25th Anniversary of the release of the first Gotthard album, I wanted to pay tribute to songs like: "Downtown", "Firedance", "Higher", "Here Comes the Heat", "In the Name", "Ride On...", "Let It Be" and "All I Care For".

Songs that with Gotthard we have kind of left aside. We have re-recorded, refreshed, and "re-brushed" them in a respectful way. These songs are very dear to me and they are part of a period that will remain forever with me.

This CoreLeoni project made me feel so many emotions and memories, filling my heart with joy. I hope hearing these new versions gives all the Gotthard fans, especially the ones who knew and loved the band in the early days, the same great emotions that it has brought to me.»

Frontiers Music: «Who is CoreLeoni you ask? It is a project founded by none other than Gotthard guitarist and founder Leo Leoni to pay a very personal tribute to his Rock & Roll past!»

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