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Ghost - "Dance Macabre" (video)

Κυκλοφορεί ήδη ο τέταρτος full length δίσκος των Ghost. Τιτλοφορείται "Prequelle" και "βγήκε" στο ξεκίνημα του καλοκαιριού. Το "Dance Macabre" αποτελεί το δεύτερο single. Κυκλοφόρησε στα τέλη Αυγούστου και προ ημερών σε video clip...

Το βίντεο των Ghost για το "Dance Macabre" από τον δίσκο "Prequelle"
Band: Ghost
Country of origin: Sweden
Location: Linköping
Formed in: 2006
Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Lyrical themes: Satanism, Darkness, Evil
Years active: 2006-present

Video: "Dance Macabre"
Director: Zev Deans
Producer: Kiley Coleman

Album: "Prequelle"
Type: Full length
Release date: June 1st, 2018
Label: Loma Vista Recordings
Distributed by: Concord Music Group Inc
Format: CD, LP, Cassette, Digital

Track listing:
01. Ashes 01:21
02. Rats 04:21
03. Faith 04:29
04. See the Light 04:05
05. Miasma 05:17
06. Dance macabre 03:39
07. Pro Memoria 05:39
08. Witch Image 03:30
09. Helvetesfönster 05:55
10. Life Eternal 03:27

Band members: Cardinal Copia - Vocals

Steve Moore - Synths
Ludvig Kennberg - Drums
Mikael Åkerfeldt - Guitars (acoustic) (track 9)
Salem Al Fakir - Piano, Keyboards
Mark Williams - Vocals (choirs)
Deryn Edwards - Vocals (choirs)
Tom Dalgety - Percussion, Programming
Minou Forge - Vocals (track 1)
Davide Rossi - Orchestral Co-ordination and tracking (track 7)
Gavin Fitzjohn - Saxophone (track 5)
Christopher May - Vocals (choirs, track 7)
Vincent Pontare - Vocals (choirs, track 10)

Miscellaneous staff:
Zbigniew Bielak - Cover art
Andy Wallace - Mixing
Tom Dalgety - Producer, Recording
Clif Norrell - Engineering
Greg Eliason - Engineering (assistant)
Joe LaPorta - Mastering
Mikael Eriksson - Photography, Design

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