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Nazareth - "State of Emergency" (audio)

Πενήντα έτη "ζωής" συμπληρώνουν φέτος οι Nazareth και το γιορτάζουν με καινούριο δίσκο. Τον επόμενο μήνα οι Σκωτσέζοι rockers θα κυκλοφορήσουν τον διάδοχο του album "Rock 'n' Roll Telephone" (2014) και 24ο συνολικά δίσκο τους υπό τον τίτλο "Tattooed On My Brain". Είναι ο πρώτος δίσκος των Nazareth με τον Carl Sentance (βλ. Krokus, Persian Risk, Tokyo Blade, Tredegar κλπ) στο μικρόφωνο...

Το τραγούδι των Nazareth "State of Emergency" από το album "Tattooed On My Brain"
Band: Nazareth
Country of origin: Scotland
Location: Dunfermline
Formed in: 1968
Status: Active
Genre: Hard rock
Years active: 1968-present

Audio: "State of Emergency"
Album: "Tattooed On My Brain"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 12th, 2018
Label: Frontiers Music srl
Format: CD, LP, Digital
Producer: Yann Rouiller

Track listing:
01. Never Dance With The Devil
02. Tattooed On My Brain
03. State Of Emergency
04. Rubik’s Romance
05. Pole To Pole
06. Push
07. The Secret Is Out
08. Don’t Throw Your Love Away
09. Crazy Molly
10. Silent Symphony
11. What Goes Around
12. Change
13. ou Call Me

Band members:
Pete Agnew - Bass
Carl Sentance - Vocals
Jimmy Murrison - Guitar
Lee Agnew - Drums

Δελτίο τύπου: «Celebrating their 50th Anniversary as a band in 2018, Nazareth is marking the occasion with a hard rocking new album, “Tattooed On My Brain”. Scheduled for release on Frontiers Music srl on October 12, 2018, the album will be available on CD, LP, and digital formats. "Tattooed On My Brain" is their 24th full length album and the first to feature new vocalist Carl Sentance (ex-Persian Risk, Don Airey).

While it is difficult to sum up in few words the history and the influence on the history of rock that an act like Nazareth has had, there is no doubt that they have left an indelible mark. The band originally formed in Dumferline, Scotland in 1968, releasing their eponymous debut album in 1971. The band broke through to a larger audience when, after supporting Deep Purple on tour, they released the Roger Glover-produced “Razamanaz” album in early 1973.

A string of hit records including “Loud 'N’ Proud”, “Rampant”, and their biggest success "Hair of the Dog" (featuring the smash hits "Hair Of The Dog" and "Love Hurts") followed, cementing the band's legacy in the history of hard rock. Nazareth continued on throughout the '80s and '90s, making new studio albums and touring the world.

In 2014, original singer Dan McCafferty had to leave the band for health reasons and with his blessing, Carl Sentance is now fronting the legendary band. Rejuvenated and as energetic as ever, Nazareth is back with an album that firmly shows their roots, but also sees the band progressing forward and seeing the future. These songs are infection, hooky and instantly memorable....just as you'd expect from Nazareth! »

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