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Attacker - "Armor of the Gods" (ep)

Τον διάδοχο του album "Sins of the World" ετοιμάζουν οι Attacker βρισκόμενοι στο στάδιο της σύνθεσης των τραγουδιών. Για να καλύψουν το "κενό διάστημα" (καθώς το "S.O.T.W." κυκλοφόρησε προ διετίας) βγάζουν σε κυκλοφορία το ep "Armor of the Gods", το οποίο περιλαμβάνει έξι τραγούδια. Τα τέσσερα είναι καινούρια, ενώ τα δύο προέρχονται από την εμφάνιση της Αμερικάνικης μπάντας στο περσινό "Up the Hammers" festival της Αθήνας...

Δελτίο τύπου: «While already writing songs for their 7th full-length, the US metal veterans from New Jersey decided to first offer their fans an EP featuring 4 brand new studio and 2 live tracks. The live ones are from their amazing show at the Up the Hammers festival in Athens in 2017 and show perfectly that Attacker are a force to be reckoned with live as well.

The studio tracks are their typical US power/heavy metal sonic attacks with masterful guitar work, pounding drums, pummeling bass and air raid siren style vocals of the one and only Bobby "Leather Lungs" Lucas. All vital ingredients for a classic metal release are on board here, as it's always the case with the Lords of Thunder.

The legendary producer and engineer Alex Perialas helped to make sure the songs sound top notch. So grab this EP clocking in at 35 minutes while waiting for their next full-length attack! Do it especially if you claim to be a US Metal fanatic and if bands like Helstar, Liege Lord, Destiny's End, Vicious Rumors, Seven Witches, Overlorde, Jag Panzer (and obviously Iron Maiden) make your heart pump faster! »

Band: Attacker
Country of origin: United States
Location: Weehawken, New Jersey
Formed in: 1984
Genre: Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Fantasy, Tales, History, Aggression
Years active: 1983-1984 (as Warloc), 1984-1989, 2001-present

Το ep των Attacker "Armor of the Gods"
Album: "Armor of the Gods"
Type: EP
Release date: September 5th, 2018
Total playing time: 34:55
Label: Metal On Metal Records
Format: CD, Digital

Track listing:
1. Armor of the Gods
2. Frightmare
3. Skinwalker
4. Gallows Hill
5. World Destroyer (live)
6. Glen of the Ghost (live)

Band members:
Bobby Lucas - Vocals
Mike Benetatos - guitar
Jon Hasselbrink - guitar
Mike Sabatini - drums
Brian Smith - bass

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