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Soto - "Detonate" (lyric video)

Το lyric video των Soto για το τραγούδι "Detonate"
Artist / Band: Soto
Lyric video: "Detonate"
Produced by: David Z, Edu Cominato & Jeff Scott Soto
Audio mixed by: Adriano Daga & Edu Cominato
Video created and edited by: Alex Politis

Band members:
Jeff Scott Soto - vocals
Jorge Salan - guitars, vocals
BJ - guitars, keys, vocals
Edu Cominato - drums, vocals
Tony Dickinson - bass, vocals

Soto: «This release marks the 1 year anniversary of Soto bassist David Z. It is released on this date as a tribute to a fallen brother known and loved worldwide within the music community. David co-wrote the song with Soto drummer Edu Cominato in the back lounge of a tour bus while the band toured Europe in the Spring of 2017, just before his untimely death.

His tracks on the demo were recorded so well, the band decided to lift his parts, finish the entire song around him and immortalize David forever in the song. With cooperation from the Zablidowsky family, proceeds from the song will all go to the David Z Foundation, a music program set up in his name and honor.»

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