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Meka Nism - "The War Inside" (video)

Το video των Meka Nism για το "The War Inside" από το ομότιτλο ep
Band: Meka Nism
Country of origin: United States
Location: Orlando, Florida
Genre: Symphonic metal
Years active: -present

Video: "The War Inside"
Album: "The War Inside"
Type: EP
Tracks: 5
Total length: 22:20
Release date: May 10th, 2018

Track listing:
1. The War Inside (4:49)
2. These Years of Silent Screams (3:32)
3. Trailblazer (4:32)
4. Arrows of Alchemy (5:22)
5. Black Sky (4:03)

Band members:
Ms. Meka - Vocals
Bobby Keller - Guitar
Chris Lane - Drums
Jarret Robinson - Bass
Jay Adkisson - Keys

Δελτίο τύπου: «Orlando, Florida's Meka Nism’s sound is powerful, metallic, aggressive, melodic, and in your face. A band that fires on all cylinders and with the most charismatic front-woman "Meka"; the band has returned in 2018 with their new EP "The War Inside" released earlier this spring on May 10th to follow their three previous releases "Live From The Machine Shop" (Live CD) (2016), "The Shift" (EP) (2015) and "The Dance At The End of The World" (EP) (2013).

The band has supported legends like Mastodon, Gojira, The Offspring, Limp Bizkit, Otep and In Flames over the years along with most recently Jonathan Davis (Korn) this past May. The band's new EP “The War Inside” stands for the ability to face your inner demons, conquer your internal battles, and to help realize that you can change your life for the better.

That message is evident in their new music video for their infectious song "Trailblazer", a heavy, fast tune that revolves around the idea of not letting regret or tragedy stop you from living your life to the fullest while you can. Your state of mind can imprison you or set you free.»

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