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Valyria - "Steel Inquisition" (audio)

Band: Valyria
Country of origin: Canada
Location: St. Albert, Alberta
Formed in: 2009
Genre: Melodic Death/Power Metal
Lyrical themes: History, Literature, War
Years active: 2009-2010 (as Winter's Legacy), 2010-present

Το τραγούδι των Valyria "Steel Inquisition" από το album "Into the Dying of Time"
Audio: "Steel Inquisition"
Album: "Into the Dying of Time"
Type: Full length
Release date: May 18th, 2018
Label: Independent
Format: Digital

Track listing:
1. The Final Empire (Intro) (0:52)
2. Steel Inquisition (6:17)
3. Tome of Shattered Vessels (5:58)
4. Of Sky and Sea (6:35)
5. The Crossing (5:38)
6. Floating World (4:26)
7. Into the Dying of Time (Outro) (2:02)

Band members:
Jeremy Puffer - Guitar and Vocals
Cam Dakus - Bass and Lead Vocals
Andrew Traynor - Guitar and Vocals
Mitchell Stykalo - Drums

Valyria: «Valyria is a ruined city in the world of Essos, the world in which George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ takes place. Valyria is a city of wonderment, magic and untold power. The aesthetic Martin creates within his novels is a similar atmosphere to that we as a band try to conjure with our music.»

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