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"Octavarium" - Full band and orchestra (Dream Theater cover)

Το "Octavarium" είναι ο όγδοος στουντιακός δίσκος των Dream Theater. Κυκλοφόρησε το καλοκαίρι του 2005. Το ομότιτλο τραγούδι αποτελεί τον επίλογο του album. Πρόκειται για μία πενταλογία διάρκειας 24 λεπτών. Ομάδα μουσικών Αγγλικού πανεπιστημίου το επανεκτέλεσε πρόπερσι. Ιδού η προσπάθειά τους...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Original song by Dream Theater. Recorded, Filmed and Mixed at the Institute of Sound Recording, University of Surrey, as part of the Tonmeister Course. This video has been completed by all involved without any funding, purely with the end goal of creating a cover of a song we all enjoy, to the highest quality we can.»

Ο δίσκος των Dream Theater - "Octavarium"
Song: "Octavarium"
I. Someone Like Him (00:01)
II. Medicate Me (08:15)
III. Full Circle (11:47)
IV. Intervals (17:58)
V. Razor's Edge (19:20)

// Production Crew //

Video Director - Andy Land
Mix Engineer - Andy Pearce
Session Audio Engineer - Oli Jacobs
Session Audio Engineer - Nat Mason
Audio Editor - Andy Pearce
Audio Editor - Nat Mason
Mastering Engineer - Andy Pearce
Director of Photography - Andy Land
Assistant Cameraman - Wes Hicks
Assistant Cameraman - Oliver Bowring
Assistant Cameraman - Jonjo Keefe
Audio Producer - Andy Pearce
Orchestration - Tom Kilworth
Additional Synthesiser Production - Ru Kojo Lemer
Additional Synthesiser Production - Dan Tarbuck
Vocal Coach - Tim Pennells
Graphic Design and Visual Effects - Andy Land

// Band //

Vocals - James Martin
Backing Vocals - Finlay Shakespeare
Backing Vocals - Cain McCormack
Electric Guitars - Andy Pearce
Acoustic Guitars - Cain McCormack
Synthesisers - Finlay Shakespeare
Piano & Synthesisers - Stefano Civetta
Additional Synthesisers - Dan Tarbuck
Bass Guitar - Adam Porter
Drums - Charles Bines
Lap Steel - George Godwin
Flute Solo - Lizzie Ng

// Orchestra //

Conductor - Tom Kilworth
1st Violins: Faye Cullen (Leader), Kye Voce, - Ellie Newey
2nd Violins: Kim Bourlet, Christina Laing, Michael Land
Violas: Owen Ralph, Noemi Foski
Cellos: Oliver Roberts, Hannah Whitmore, Matt Ingram
Double Bass: Dan Bryant
Piccolo & Flute: Abi Munson
Flute: Lizzie Ng
Oboes: Willow Swiatek, Clemmie Curd
Clarinets: Alice Hunter, Lawrence Moss, Lawrence Singleton
Bassoons: Tom Moss, Jack Wensley
French Horns: Grant Bentley, Catherine Thomas
Trumpets: Seb Skelly, Sam Williams, Rhys Nord
Trombones: Robert Craven, Nick Smith
Tubas: Hazel Boxall, James Lackovic
Percussion: Sam Max, Dan Marks, Richard Hammond, Stefano Civetta

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