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Leprous - "Mirage" (Drum Playthrough by Baard Kolstad)

Ο πέμπτος δίσκος των Leprous κυκλοφορεί από το περασμένο καλοκαίρι. Οι Νορβηγοί progsters "έβγαλαν" στα τέλη Αυγούστου το album "Malina" τόσο σε cd, όσο και σε ψηφιακή μορφή...

Band: Leprous
Country of origin: Norway
Location: Notodden, Telemark
Formed in: 2001
Genre: Progressive Metal
Lyrical themes: Loneliness, Pain, Suffering, Introspection, Anxiety
Years active: 2001-present

Leprous - "Mirage" (video) from the album "Malina"
Video: "Mirage"
Video by: Costin Chioreanu / Twilight 13 Media
Album: "Malina"
Type: Full length
Release date: August 25th, 2017
Label: InsideOut Music
Format: CD, Digital

Track listing:
01. Bonneville 05:28
02. Stuck 06:48
03. From the Flame 03:51
04. Captive 03:43
05. Illuminate 04:21
06. Leashes 04:09
07. Mirage 06:48
08. Malina 06:15
09. Coma 03:55
10. The Weight of Disaster 06:00
11. The Last Milestone 07:30

Band members:
Tor Oddmund Suhrke - Guitars
Einar Solberg - Keyboards, Vocals (lead)
Baard Kolstad - Drums
Simen Daniel Børven - Bass
Robin Ognedal - Guitars

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