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Fargo - "Leave It" (video)

Οι Fargo δεν είναι παρά η πρώιμη μορφή του Γερμανικού hard rock συγκροτήματος Victory. Δημιουργήθηκαν το 1973, μετονομάσθηκαν (σε Victory) το 1984 και -προσφάτως- επανήλθαν. Ο πέμπτος δίσκος της μπάντας (και πρώτος μετά την επανένωση) τιτλοφορείται "Constellation" κι αναμένεται τον Μάιο...

Δελτίο τύπου: «The twelve classic rock songs and their contemporary, wonderfully laid-back sound (producer: Helge Engelke), Peter Ladwig’s pleasantly relaxed voice, the accentuated guitar style of Arndt Schulz, whose DNA unmistakably features blues rock elements, and the dynamic drum style of Nikolas Fritz, who makes up the popular "wall" together with bassist Knorn - Fargo mark 2018 deliver their rock music as confidently as if there had never been that long break.

You only have to listen to songs such as the casually grooving "Don't Talk", the West Coast atmosphere on "Cross To Bear" or "Loser`s Blues", which brings to mind the best of ZZ Top, to immediately recognise that typical Fargo signature.»

Το βίντεο των Fargo για το "Leave It" από τον δίσκο "Constellation"
Band: Fargo
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Hannover
Formed in: 1973
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock

Video: "Leave It"
Album: "Constellation"
Type: Full length
Tracks: 12
Totla length: 42:30
Release date: May 25th, 2018
Label: Steamhammer
Format: CD, LP

Track listing:
01. Step Back
02. Leave It
03. Mind Your Own Business
04. Loser's Blues
05. Buzz Buzz
06. Cross To Bear
07. Don't Talk
08. Southern Breeze
09. Boozy Vivienne
10. What's Wrong
11. Goddess Of Destiny
12. Goodnight

Band members:
Peter Ladwig - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Knorn - Bass
Arndt Schulz - Guitar, Vocals
Nikolas Fritz - Drums

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