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Darker Half - "Classified" (videos)

Οι Darker Half μας έρχονται από την Αυστραλία. Δημιουργήθηκαν προ δεκαπενταετίας, αρέσκονται στο power metal κι έχουν κυκλοφορήσει τρεις full length δίσκους, δύο demos και ισάριθμα EPs. Πιο πρόσφατο δισκογράφημά τους του ep πέντε τραγουδιών "Classified" που "βγήκε" το καλοκαίρι του 2016. Παρακολουθούμε τα lyric videos των τριών πρώτων τραγουδιών...

Δελτίου τύπου: «Darker Half is a melodic metal band from Sydney Australia. Their sound is rooted in traditional metal drawing on only the heaviest most face melting forms of steel. Twisted dual guitars and explosive solos are laid across a rock solid yet inventive rhythm section, topped off by a vocalist whose range can match any of rock’s greats, making this a band who can really set themselves apart.»

Το ep των Darker Half "Classified"
Band: Darker Half
Country of origin: Australia
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Status: Active
Formed in: 2003
Genre: Power Metal
Years active: 2003-present

1st lyric video: "Aliens Exist"
2nd lyric video: "Heaven's Falling"
3rd lyric video: "The Deal"

Album: "Classified"
Type: EP
Release date: June 3rd, 2016
Label: Fastball Music
Format: CD

Track listing:
1. Aliens Exist 05:21
2. Heaven's Falling 05:34
3. The Deal 06:59
4. Voice of the Dead 05:35
5. Genesis/Genocide 03:41

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