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Monster Magnet - "Mindfucker" (video)

Δισκογραφική επιστροφή για τους Monster Magnet μετά από μία πενταετία. Ο διάδοχος του album "Last Patrol" (Οκτώβριος 2013) και δέκατος συνολικά δίσκος των Αμερικανών rockers τιτλοφορείται "Mindfucker" κι αναμένεται τον Μάρτιο. Παρακολουθήστε το video clip του ομότιτλου τραγουδιού...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Monster Magnet put the pedal to the metal with "Mindfucker", their tenth record. In terms of power driven Stoner Rock these gentlemen from New Jersey belong to the measure of all things. But "Mindfucker" is different, a step forward and a step back at the same time to the almighty roots of beat music.

Dave manipulates his guitar with rich virility and the drive of his shifty soul. Wyndorf seeks and finds: Timeless songs, kindled by the unpretentious Proto-punk era. "Mindfucker" pumps and scratches at every turn! Dave fires off piercing calls over neckbreaking guitar work and whirlwinds of psychedelic solos.

All things are in constant motion with a sound of groovy straightforwardness, always heading for the essence of "the" song. "Why you gonna fuck with my head?", screams Wyndorf their credo in the title track. Up tempo, savage in both sound and spirit, "Mindfucker" is the real deal!»

Το βίντεο των Monster Magnet για το τραγούδι "Mindfucker" από το ομότιτλο album
Band: Monster Magnet
Country of origin: United States
Location: New Jersey
Formed in: 1989
Genre: Hard rock
Years active: 1989-present

Video: "Mindfucker"
Album: "Mindfucker"
Type: Full length
Release date: March 23rd, 2018
Label: Napalm Records

Track listing:
01. Rocket Freak
02. Soul
03. Mindfucker
04. I'm God
05. Drowning
06. Ejection
07. Want Some
08. Brainwashed
09. All Day Midnight
10. When The Hammer Comes Down

Band members:
Dave Wyndorf - vocals, guitar
Garrett Sweeny - guitar
Phil Caivano - guitar
Chris Kosnik - bass
Bob Pantella - drums

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