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The Dark Element - "The Ghost And The Reaper" (video)

Η Anette Olzon Blyckert συστήθηκε στο heavy metal κοινό μέσω των Nightwish, στους οποίους διατέλεσε τραγουδίστρια. Η αντικαταστάτρια της Tarja Turunen έμεινε στην Φινλανδική μπάντα μία πενταετία (2007-2012) κι εν συνεχεία αντικαταστάθηκε από την Floor Jansen (τι δισκάρα το "Decipher" των After Forever!!!). Φέτος σχημάτισε, με τον κιθαρίστα - συνθέτη Jani Liimatainen, το συγκρότημα The Dark Element. Το ομώνυμο ντεμπούτο τους κυκλοφόρησε προ ημερών...

Δελτίο τύπου: «"The Dark Element" is a new musical project fronted by former Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon together with Finnish guitarist and songwriter Jani Liimatainen. The combination of these two talents promises to deliver a debut album that will be a huge statement in the European metal scene. Since word of this project got out, fans have been frothing at the mouth with anticipation for its arrival.

And no wonder considering the talent involved! Anette is widely known for being the immaculate voice on the hit albums from Nightwish, “Dark Passion Play” and “Imaginareum”. Jani has recently been busy in Cain's Offering Official alongside Stratovarius singer Timo Kotipelto, but left a deep mark on the minds of all power metal fans thanks to his time in Sonata Arctica.»

The Dark Element - "The Ghost And The Reaper" (video) from the album "The Dark Element"
Band: The Dark Element
Video: "The Ghost And The Reaper"
Album: "The Dark Element"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 10th, 2017
Label: Frontiers Music Srl
Format: CD

Track Listing:
01. The Dark Element
02. My Sweet Mystery
03. Last Good Day
04. Here’s To You
05. Someone You Used to Know
06. Dead to Me
07. Halo
08. I Cannot Raise The Dead
09. The Ghost and the Reaper
10. Heaven of Your Heart
11. Only One Who Knows Me

Band members:
Anette Olzon - Lead Vocals
Jani Liimatainen - Guitars, keyboards, programming
Jonas Kuhlberg - Bass
Jani "Hurtsi" Hurula - Drums

⏩ Piano on "Someone You Used to Know" and "Heaven of Your Heart" by Jarkko Lahti
⏩ Backing vocals by Anette Olzon, Petri Aho, Anssi Stenberg and Jani Liimatainen
⏩ Growls on "Dead to Me" by Niilo Sevänen

Jani Liimatainen: «I have always been a big fan of Anette's voice and when the opportunity to work with her arose, writing and producing an album, it was something I just couldn't say no! It has been a blast working on the songs and I can't wait for everyone to hear the final result. This will be epic! The songs are extremely melodic and to the point. My goal has been to write catchy songs with hooks that will haunt your dreams, and I think it's pretty much 'mission accomplished'. Stay tuned for something special!»

Anette Olzon: «I am so looking forward to this album and I believe our collaboration worked like a perfect match and I am really happy that Jani and Frontiers asked me to do this with them!»

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