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Wind Rose - To Erebor (video)

Official music video for "To Erebor", the second single from the new Wind Rose album "Stonehymn". "Stonehymn" will be released on May 26th through InnerWound Recordings.

Band: Wind Rose
Country of origin: Italy
Location: Pisa, Tuscany
Formed in: 2009
Genre: Progressive / Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Medieval Epic Fantasy Concept
Years active: 2009-present

Το βίντεο των Wind Rose για το τραγούδι "To Erebor" από το album "Stonehymn"
Video: "To Erebor"
Video created by: 12 Inch Media
Album: "Stonehymn"
Type: Full length
Release date: May 26th, 2017
Label: Inner Wound Recordings
Format: CD

Track listing:
1. Distant Battlefields 01:23
2. Dance of Fire 06:47
3. Under the Stone 06:38
4. To Erebor 05:14
5. The Returning Race 07:22
6. The Animist 01:25
7. The Wolves’ Call 05:06
8. Fallen Timbers 06:25
9. The Eyes of the Mountain 06:34

Band members:
Daniele Visconti - Drums, Vocals (backing)
Claudio Falconcini - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Federico Meranda - Keyboards
Francesco Cavalieri - Vocals
Cristiano Bertocchi - Bass

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