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Da Boanad - Manner Weiber Bluad und Bier (video)

Το βίντεο των Da Boanad για το τραγούδι "Manner Weiber Bluad und Bier" από το album "Mystericum"
Band: Da Boanad
Country of origin: Germany
Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Video: "Manner Weiber Bluad und Bier"
Album: "Mystericum"
Type: Full length
Release date: June 2nd, 2017
Label: Pure Rock Records
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. Wuidara
02. Da Aff
03. Misericordia
04. Des host davo
05. Scheinheilig
06. Indianer aufm Kriagspfod
07. Dampfmaschin
08. Bluatgeid
09. Finster werds
10. Manner, Weiber, Bluat und Bier

Band members:
Stevie Schneider - guitars, vocals
Josef Huhn - drums, vocals
Gino Braun - lead guitars, vocals
Luky Zappatta - leadvocals, vocals, guitars
Robby Lipp - bass
Angie Buchzyk - keyboards, vocals
Nari Zimpel - vocals

Δελτίο τύπου: «Everybody knows what Bavaria looks like. But how does it sound like these days? Only Da Boanad: Just heavy guitars and lots of them, strong grooves and a characteristic voice that reflects in rock and bavarian culture. Da Boanad is bavarian like the mighty alps. Da Boanad is harsh, powerful and no time ever conform. The new bavarian hardness at it's best!

"Mystericum" is an album loaded with pure and energetic heavy rock nurishing from all of what the guys in the band like themselves. For just that reason there is non of the oh so typical neo bavarian raggae summer chill to be heared, just the rough styled rock'n'roll that unites this band. Riffs like "des hosd davo" or "Finster werds" proove it.

The lyrics are authentic, but bavarian hardcore. Other bands that have jumped on the bavarian waggon like it easy going. Da Boanad just rocks full on. The bavarian message is rough and dramatically anarchistic.

No compromises to be made. The tunes are strong, straight, dark and epically melancholic. Such as "Scheinheilig" the power Ballad on this album. Da Boanad likes to tell stories that bavarians equal with their picture of freedom, such as in "Misericordia", the tragic tale of Matthias Kneissl, a criminal and though a hero.

Da Boanad is authentic like a storm over the alps, does like to point a finger at a topic, but all of that dressed in full-on rock. The new bavarian hardness at it's best! Not Right - Not left - Not German: Da Boanad!»

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